Best food trucks found around Austin

Four popular Austinite favorite food trucks with the best ranked menus and hospitality


Madeleine Travis

PAYING UP: Customers of Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ pay for their lunch order. Valentina’s has been open since 2013 and has a 4.6 star rating on Google Reviews.

Claire Scott, Entertainment Editor

Residents of Austin are nowhere near newcomers to finding popular, yet delicious food trucks. Some food trucks around town have been there for years and many continue to create menu options that turn out to be just what their customers want to eat. 

I have lived in Austin for 12 years, and I continue to be shocked at how great the food trucks are. There is very few options outside of town that even compare. 

One of the most popular trucks in Austin is Dee Dee, Farm-to-Table Northeastern Thai Food. They are located on 4204 Menchaca Road, and have been rated 4.7 stars on Google Reviews by both locals and travelers. 

The outside seating is very spacious and friendly to large groups of people, and they allow dogs to be on the venue as well. I personally liked how the seating was just far enough away from the ordering area, so it didn’t feel like you were too crammed into one spot.

Dee Dee’s menu is very diverse and full of options for both kids and adults. In my opinion, the best entree is the Laab Moo, a spicy mix of minced pork, sticky rice, and sliced cucumber. And the price is $13.25, which is arguably cheaper than regular Thai restaurant entree meals. The most popular dessert on the menu is the Mango and Sticky Rice, sticky rice soaked in coconut milk and topped with ripe mango. 

Overall, Dee Dee deserves the hype that it is getting. The one downside that I can think of is that they only accept online orders from their website. However, The truck area is warm and welcoming to new people, and the menu is filled with unique options to choose from.

Another well-loved food truck that has gained fame is Pepe’s Tacos. The truck is located on 704 North Lamar Boulevard, and has a rating of 4.3 stars om Google Reviews. 

The outside venue of the  truck is definitely not what the owners focus on, unlike Dee Dee. In honesty, the outside area of the truck is not friendly to small children, families, and pets. However the amazing menu makes up for that problem. 

The menu is small but mighty, there are limited options for food however just about anything you order will make you go back for seconds. 

A good choice of a meal to start off with would have to be Pepe’s famous Taco de Birria, a birria taco made with corn tortilla, onion, and cilantro. If you’re not a fan of birria tacos, a good alternative to have is the Torta, a sandwich stuffed with fried meat, topped with mozzarella cheese, cilantro, and onion with a side of consomme (broth). 

Pepe’s Tacos is a refreshing and simple food truck that sticks to the basics. The truck deserves its 4.3 star rating. 

One of the most popular dessert-oriented food trucks, Churro Co. has made many mouths water from their made-from-scratch churros. Churro Co. is located on 1405 East Seventh Street and has a 4.6 star rating according to Google Reviews. 

When you first walk up to the truck, you are greeted with a variety of scattered picnic tables to sit at after your order has been placed. Churro Co. is also pet friendly, so overall the area is very hospitable. The truck accommodates small groups however, and the general area can get full within just a few minutes. 

In regards to the menu, there are so many flavorful choices of both drinks and churros. Churro Co. is a great place if you’d like to stop for a morning coffee or a cinnamon-filled dessert take out for after dinner.

A good classic to go for on the menu is the Traditional with Sauce, two crispy churros coated with sugar and cinnamon and accompanied with a dip choice of chocolate, cajeta (Mexican caramel), or Nutella pudding. 

But if you’re looking for a more bold option, a good choice is the Texas Comfort, churros tossed in cardamom sugar, topped with apple pie, whipped cream, and caramel. However, just about anything you order off the Churro Co. menu will only leave you wanting more.

Churro Co. also has a plethora of dessert-like drinks and coffee to compliment the churro choices. A popular coffee choice is their Mexican Coffee, a twisted version of Cafe de Olla that is made with cinnamon and vanilla. However, they also have four vanilla ice cream floats that are nowhere near mediocre. For example, the Apple Soda Float is made with Fanta Orange Soda, vanilla ice cream, and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. 

Churro Co. is the perfect take out in Austin for churros and sweet drinks. Their menu never fails to amaze me, and their hospitality goes far and beyond what you’d expect from an average food truck.

A more classic take with a fun twist on Tex-Mex food is Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ. This truck has been around since 2013 and has been rated 4.6 stars, Valentina’s is located on 11500 Menchaca Road. 

The atmosphere of this truck welcomes their customers with open arms. There is a designated place to sit called the Front Patio, located just to the right of the truck. I liked that there was plenty of space for family, friends, and pets.

Valentina’s menu has a variety of options depending on what time of day you arrive as well as what type of food you prefer. They have Breakfast Specials, the Tex Pack, the Mex Pack, appetizers, and of course their main dishes as well.

Valentina’s breakfast tacos are my personal favorites out of the whole menu. Their Real Deal Holyfield is stuffed with fried egg, potatoes, refried beans, bacon, and your choice of smoked brisket, pulled pork, or cerveza beef fajita.  

A solid main meal to get would be the Cerveza Beef Fajita Taco, sided with sea salt guacamole, tomato Serrano salsa, and topped with roasted poblanos and onions. 

A perfect side to complement the taco is the Tangy Slaw or Mexican Rice, both with the option of different ounce sizes. 

Valentinas’s Tex Mex BBQ is the best place for families, as they have many food options for kids. I liked how friendly the servers were, and how amazing the food tasted year round. 

Lastly, one of my personal favorites, Burro Cheese Kitchen. Burro has multiple locations in Austin and has been rated 4.3 on Google Reviews. 

I went to try Burros menu on Rainey Street, and they were surrounded by other food trucks within a park that had multiple seating areas. The overall scene was perfect for families and friends.

Burro has an amazing menu with so much variety. Their food revolves around artisan grilled cheese sandwiches, and they even have breakfast options that will leave your mouth watering.

The best sandwich by far to order would be the Long Tall Texan, made with sourdough, cheddar cheese, brisket, and Serrano pineapple sauce.

However, if you’re looking for a sandwich without meat a good alternative is the Via 206, with sourdough bread, Gouda, provolone, and a tangy yet sweet balsamic apricot fig sauce. 

And if you’re not yet full from their stuffed grilled cheeses, they have appetizing sides such as a classic Mac & Cheese, Tomato Basil Soup, Kettle Chips, and Fresh Fruit.

Anything you choose from Burro’s menu is fantastic. I believe they deserve more than a 4.3 star rating for their awesome food, friendliness to customers, and their set up on Rainey Street.

Dee Dee Farm-to-Table Northeastern Thai Food, Pepe’s Tacos, Churro Co, Burro Cheese Kitchen,  and Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ are the best food trucks in Austin, without a doubt. 

All of their unique menus are in no need of change, most atmospheres are perfect, and each location is friendly to groups of family and friends. 

And while most food trucks in Austin are arguably overpriced, these five are worth paying for their food, service, and kind hospitality.