Front office aids needed


Donna Kim

With new policies added to Bowie, the front office has been needing more volunteers.

Donna Kim, Print Staff

With new policies added to Bowie, the front office has been needing more volunteers. Emily Mirkin, one of the few parent volunteers, found out about open volunteer positions at Bowie through the weekly newsletter from Mr. Robinson. 

“Interested volunteers completed a Google form indicating what days and times they are available,” Mirkin said.  “Ms. Treviño contacted me after receiving my submission to confirm when I would like to volunteer.. I also completed a background check through Austin Partners in Education.  All volunteers have to submit a background check each year and for each volunteer position they fill.”

Parents who are interested in volunteering at Bowie are allowed to choose what position they can volunteer for. Parents who choose to work in the front office have certain protocols and procedures they must stick to, which include checking that every student has an ID present. 

 “To keep students and faculty safe, all visitors must present their ID which is scanned, and a badge (i.e. sticker) is generated indicating they have checked-in at the office,” Mirkin said. “ I also try to help Ms. Trevino out by making sure students that pass through the office are wearing their ID’s and can be easily seen.”

Lorena Franklin, another Bowie parent whose son is in his freshman year, is another parent volunteer who has the same job as Mirkin.

“I assist Mrs Trevino in the front office. I check visitors in/out, check out students, buzz visitors into the office and students into the school,” Franklin said. 

With doors at Bowie being locked for safety precautions now, Mirkin and Franklin’s main job is to make sure visitors and students can get in.

“My primary job is letting visitors, volunteers, and students in.  As you know, all doors to the building are locked.  Visitors must ‘buzz in’ and I enter a code to unlock the door,” Mirkin said. “ I also check-in visitors and volunteers using the Raptor system. Office volunteers also collect and distribute items delivered by parents for students.”

Parent volunteers who choose to work in the front office are allowed to choose how many hours they can work. 

“I volunteer once a week for two hours, but some shifts during the day are for only an hour,” Mirkin said. 

Mirkin enjoys volunteering at Bowie, and getting to know the students and staff of the school. 

“I enjoy volunteering in the office. I get to interact with students, other parents, teachers, and staff.   I have been volunteering at my children’s schools since they started kindergarten,” Mirkin said. 

Mirkin believes that volunteering at one’s child’s schools provides beneficial opportunities.

“When I saw Mr. Robinson’s request for office volunteers, I jumped on it,” Mirkin said.  “Volunteering at your student’s school is a great way to learn about the school and meet people. Parent volunteers see first hand how hard teachers and staff work.  Hopefully, my limited time in the office each week helps a tiny bit.”

Right now, the front office is in need of more parent volunteers to help during school days. Consider asking parents and adults who would be interested in helping at a local high school in need of volunteers. 

[Volunteering at the front office] is a great opportunity to get involved. Our son is a freshman so volunteering in the office is helping me learn how to navigate high school, procedures, etc,” Franklin said.  “I believe there are still volunteer slots available for the front office.”