Yearbook holds annual Distribution Day


Reagan Zuniga

COME GET YOUR BOOK: Editor-in-Chief Lizzie Jensen hands off a yearbook to Ariana Ritzie during the first lunch distribution. This year’s book, similar to year’s in the past, came in three separate colored covers for students to pick from. “I really like the hidden Taylor Swift Easter eggs in the book,” Jensen said. “We named all of our colors used in the book after Taylor Swift albums which can be seen in the Colophon in the back of the book.”

Reagan Zuniga, Managing Editor

Staff resumes its first in- person event in two years

8,317 pounds of yearbooks were hauled into the courtyard to be distributed to students and staff. With over 300 pages, the yearbook staff worked rigorously all year to give students a book filled with the memories of monumental moments of that school year.

“The staff this year had such a different experience creating the yearbook compared to last year, especially because we all had to either learn or relearn how to create the yearbook in person,” Kristina Jeffus said. 

Co-Editors-In-Chiefs Jeffus and Lizzie Jensen are responsible for overlooking the progress of the whole book, picking out colors, fonts, and the theme of the book.

“Our biggest monumental moment was actually finishing the yearbook on time and meeting our deadline,” Jeffus said. “We made this an extremely big deal because the yearbook last year was finished so late, so we were all very proud of ourselves and one another when the book was turned in when we wanted.”

 Spreads special to this year include varsity football making it to round three in the playoffs, the new parking garage and gym, and the 2/2/22 “Tuesday” spreads.

 “The highlights from this yearbook go along with highlights we witnessed this school year,” Jeffus said. “It is so important to capture things specific to this year in each yearbook, and I am really excited for everyone to see these spreads.”

After completing the 2020-2021 yearbook completely virtually, this year’s staff had to overcome challenges such as learning how to conduct an in person interview, learning how to use DSLR cameras, and designing spreads.

“I will miss the energy and the friendships of the yearbook staff,” Jensen said. “While it is a really hard and stressful job, there is so much passion and energy for what we do and it has allowed me to meet so many new people. I will also miss the stress. Even though I really wanted to cry sometimes, I really lived for the high stress situations and the deadlines and the responsibilities. It was all so fulfilling and exciting and the yearbook gave me a purpose in school.”

The two EIC’s said they are so proud of this year’s book and are very excited for students and staff to receive and enjoy it as well.

“The editors choose the theme: ‘Me and you and everyone we know’, because they were struck by the collective experience that had happened and everyone had just gone through together,” Yearbook Adviser Lindsey Shirack said. “And it really just felt like once they came upon that theme, the light bulb went off, thinking we can focus on the collective experiences of coming together and returning all at the same time. But then it also has individual stories and celebrations that highlight different aspects throughout the theme as well.”