Seniors sweeten their high school memories at breakfast


Arushi Sharma

SNACKS AND SMILES: Senior Yuri Lee and Zoya Faisal enjoy their breakfast sponsored by National Honor Society. The breakfast was held on May 18 in the Southwest room.

Sydney Crum, Dispatch Reporter

As the end of the year approaches, there are many events planned for seniors to celebrate the end of their high school careers. One of these senior-exclusive events that took place was the senior breakfast to celebrate the seniors as well as what their plans are for their future whether it’s attending a two-year university, four-year university, or any other plans their future might entail. 

After a mostly virtual junior year, the Class of 2022 have finally returned back to school for an in-person final year. For senior Christina Canepa, this was a positive change that lead to her taking part in more experiences at school.

“At first it was difficult to get back into the schedule of a regular school day at the start of the school year especially,” Canepa said. “However, I found myself more excited to participate in school activities and to even go to school than before.”

As their high school careers come to a close, many seniors are already anticipating next year. Looking forward to her post-high school plans, senior Lizzie Jensen is excited for what next year has in store.

“I am most looking forward to resting for a bit and moving to a new state,” Jensen said. “Ever since middle school it has been my dream to go out of state for college,  and now I’m accomplishing it.”

For Canepa, a lot of the excitement for the senior breakfast stems from getting to socialize with friends and classmates and learning about their future goals of where they want to go to school. 

“I’m most excited for the senior breakfast because we’re all going to wear our college T-shirts,” Canepa said. “I think it’s going to be really fun to see where we’re all ending up.”

Exclusive events like this one are important to Jensen because of the opportunity for seniors to interact with one another before the year is over. 

“I think the special events like the senior breakfast are a great way for everyone to say goodbye and share their plans for next year,” Jensen said. “I love that we do them especially since we don’t have many senior privileges such as senior parking.”

Canepa is in agreement about the benefits of the breakfast and similar privileges for the graduating class and feels that they are a great way to recognize their achievements especially after a unique preceding year.

“I think that events like these are very important for seniors to keep them motivated and to celebrate their accomplishments at the school,” Canepa said.  “They’re a fun way to end a high school career.”