Homecoming game resulted in another victory for the Bulldogs


Game day: Senior Preston Wheeler gets ready to pass the ball down the field to make a touchdown playing against Lake Travis. Bowie lost to Lake Travis at Burger stadium, ruining their six game win streak by a score of 64-7. The ‘Dawgs will now move on to the playoffs after last Friday’s game with Del Valle. Photo by Granger Coats

The student section was going crazy screaming, the band playing, cheerleaders cheering, rallying the crowd, football players pumped and ready to fight to keep their undefeated record against Lake Travis.
The ‘Dawgs lost the big match-up of district undefeated, against Lake Travis at Burger stadium at 7:30 who are currently undefeated in district.
“Lake Travis was definitely a wake up call for us. We don’t like to worry about the past though, the game is behind us now, we have better things to focus on, like playoffs,” Parker said.
The ‘Dawgs keep their heads up after the Lake Travis loss focusing on doing better in playoffs.
“I think we definitely have the potential to go very far in playoffs. We are all very confident in ourselves and we know we can get far if we work as hard as we’ve worked all season,” Parker said
Previous to the Lake Travis loss the ‘Dawgs beat Westlake their biggest rivals for the second year in a row.
“It was great beating Westlake for the second time, but at the same time I think it gave us too much confidence making us lose focus for Lake Travis, but now we just have to keep ourselves focused for the rest of our season,” junior Cameron Camacho said.
Throughout the season the team has been faced with multiple injuries. At least five injuries occurred in the first four games setting obstacle the team had to overcome to get to this point.
“Knowing injuries are going to happen is a big part of being prepared as a team, so for the most past we have been facing injuries and we have phenomenal players just step up and to their part to fill in, but on an emotional level the injuries have been hard,” junior Quirin Laracuen said.
The ‘Dawgs defeated the Akins Eagles on October 16 at the Homecoming game.
“After the homecoming game it felt great to win, and I love watching my teammates I call family succeed when we need each other the most,” junior Brandon Anderson said.
The whole team has set very high standards they are working to accomplish in playoffs.
“We are just taking one game at a time and practicing to play our best and hopefully come out with a state championship as a final goal but the biggest goal for us is playing to the best of our abilities and coming together as a team,” Laracuente said.
According to varsity coach Jeff Ables the team has worked hard than ever and making it to playoffs will unite the team so they can go into playoffs and fight together.
“The boys work really well together and they will make it far,” Ables said.