Senior Goodbye: Riley Payne


Riley Payne, Dispatch Reporter

Since school was dismissed in the spring of 2020 due to a pandemic, the school year has flown by and now I am a senior with two weeks of high school left. Before the pandemic, I wasn’t even looking at a career path or what I wanted to do once I graduated from high school. I enjoyed joining different programs while at Bowie and getting a taste of different fields which helped me figure out what I want to study in college. It’s been a very crazy four years at Bowie with lots of wrenches thrown in the way school operates. I think you have to find a way to adjust to being successful and that can go hand in hand with anything in life.

To my parents: Thanks for providing me with many resources to help me be successful in and outside of school. For doing everything possible to set me up for success that you guys have control over. I haven’t known what I was gonna pursue in college for a while but being able to guide me to follow my passion. Thanks for driving me to high school every day until the last day of my senior year. Thank you for motivating me, but also giving me the responsibility to make my own decisions. Thank you for always giving advice and an ear whenever I needed to have a 2nd opinion. Thank you guys for making me play sports when I was younger, without that I may not have the passion for all sports without you guys.


To Mr. Reeves: I appreciate you flourishing my journalism skills for the time you have had me for. The opportunities you have given me have always been fun, and have also been a great experience. I’ve learned many skills and ideas from you in the world of sports journalism. I also appreciate all the different roles I was given to help your brand. From writing sports columns for the newspaper to being the editor in chief of the first sports magazine.


To Mrs. Rodriguez: Since the first time I walked into your geometry class in the fall of 2019 you had an instant impact on my academic career. You believed in my skills in your class and also called on me whenever I raised my hand to help answer questions and problems we were going over. Also in the free time, we had in class to make a connection between all your students which is rare to see from teachers. You made an effort to inspire every kid in your class and encouraged me to put forth my best effort in your class and everything in life by just trying my best.