Senior Goodbye: Nicole Rooney


Nicole Rooney, Entertainment Editor

Entering highschool I had no idea what to expect. There were so many new people, classes, and teachers that I was not familiar with. Highschool and everything about it has pushed me and helped me turn into the person who I am today. Some parts have been very hard such as academics, learning to adjust to things that I can’t control, and being pushed in many ways. But at the end of the day there have been an outweighing amount of fun times such as football games, hanging out with friends, going out on off periods, and last minute plans that have turned into some of my best memories that I am going to miss so much.

Taking journalism was not something I had planned on doing. Going into sophomore year I had a conflict with an elective and journalism 1 was my only option that would fit into my schedule. I chose the class not knowing anything about writing, news stories, or photography, thinking that I would take the class for a year and be done with it. If you would have told me that I was going to be a senior editor on staff I would have called you crazy. Throughout sophomore year I began to be more interested in journalism and thought to maybe join the newspaper staff. I loved the people, the environment and the writing. My time in newspaper the past two years has been so great and I have grown so much.

To Mr.Reeves and Dispatch Staff: Thank you for supporting me, helping me and believing in me. I came in a year late so there were definitely some things that I was unsure about and not completely confident in. But because of your support I have been able to grow so much and say that I am completely different from when I started. I have grown so much on the staff and I could not thank everyone enough for supporting me.

To my teachers: Thank you all for helping me grow throughout these years. To Ms.Weidmeyer, I transferred into your class and from the day I walked in you welcomed me with a smile. Your classroom is such a safe space and I want to thank you for supporting me. To Mr. Miller, you were such an awesome math teacher and I know that I had you over our virtual year but you made everything so much easier for me. The 2020-2021 school year was something that many people were unsure about but you were always willing to help with anything, thank you.

To my friends: Thank you for always making me laugh. Knowing that I could come to any of you during a hard time and you always would make me laugh and distract me from whatever was stressing me out is something that I am forever thankful for. This year would not have been the same without any of you.