Senior Goodbye: Dylan Ebs


Dylan Ebs, Features Editor

My path to The Dispatch was a little unexpected. When filling out my freshman choice sheet, I was looking for a broadcast class because I was a producer for my middle school’s broadcast (shoutout Gnasher News). I was surprised that there were no broadcast options available, so I decided to take Yearbook 1. For my sophomore year, I decided that having a school newspaper was better than no journalism options, so I signed up for Newspaper. 

I’m glad that I can say that joining The Dispatch was one of the best decisions I’ve made in high school. For the last three years, I’ve been an active member of The Dispatch, serving as the politics editor and currently as the features editor. I’m so grateful for the growth that I’ve experienced through the school newspaper.

To my parents: Y’all have been my strongest support throughout high school. Even when I was stressed, whether over the newspaper, college apps, or whatever else, you guys have provided me so much support and guidance that I am forever grateful for. 

To Mr. Reeves: I probably wouldn’t be majoring in journalism if it wasn’t for this class and the passion you put into this program. Not many journalism majors can say that they already have newsroom experience before going to college. Your guidance and feedback has made me a better journalist, and you are able to recognize everyone’s skills, like when you offered the politics editor position to me my junior year because you saw my passion for it. 

To Ms. Shirack: Even though I’m not on the yearbook, I can’t credit you enough for helping me find my passion in journalism. Taking Intro to Journalism and Media Production in middle school with you teaching it helped me learn so much about journalism. 

To everyone I’ve interviewed: Thank you for opening up and sharing your stories with me. Writing features is impossible without good people to cover, so y’all allowing me to share your experiences is something that I’m truly grateful for. 

My journalism won’t end at The Dispatch. This fall, I will attend George Washington University where I will major in journalism and mass communications, and plan on writing for The Hatchet, GW’s newspaper. None of this would be possible without my experience as a student journalist for The Dispatch.