Student Leadership boots out hate


Reagan Zuniga

IN THEIR COWBOY BOOTS: Silver Stars dance to ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ in the pit. After Tyton Benson’s performance in the courtyard, music played for students to dance to. “This event was especially important for Bowie this year as students are still adjusting to a “normal” school year post-pandemic,” Reese Gutshall said. “It is so important for our school to be unified as one, and lift each other up rather than drag each other down, especially after all that we have endured these past two years.”

Reagan Zuniga, Managing Editor

The week after spring break, students and faculty came together to unify in support of the No Place for Hate movement through a parade. Through the work of student leadership and faculty, the parade has become an anticipated event among students after not being able to hold one for the past two years due to COVID-19.

Student Leadership recreated a western setting for the event to help engage students to participate in the event through dressing up. There were western decorations around campus as well as the first student concert in the courtyard.

“My favorite part of the event was the music in the courtyard after the parade,” project manager Reese Gutshall said. “It was really cool having Tyton play in front of the whole school, and I love how we incorporated NPFH messages in between songs as well. I think it was a good way to make students attentive, while still getting our message across.”

As the student leadership sponsor, Vickie Benson supported the parade by guiding the students to organize, prepare, and work to pull off the campus wide event. Benson emphasized the importance of NPFH at Bowie and would love to see more clubs get involved to have a larger impact of students understanding what the pyramid of hate is.

“Getting awareness out to the campus and having everyone come together is the goal,” Benson said. “We want to be inclusive and respect each other’s differences, beliefs, values, culture, etc.  Hopefully through events like this, students will self-reflect and be motivated to unify.”

Student Leadership stressed the importance of Bowie being a NPFH campus. Campuses in conjunction with the initiative build a community of inclusivity, respect, and equality. While events such as the parade are intended for enjoyment purposes, the main purpose is to unify the school while promoting the message behind NPFH.

“It’s important to hold NPFH on campus because it creates a greater community feeling, it also is a tradition at Bowie so it’s just become something that people look forward to,” float manager Ava Webber said. “In the leadership class we’ve also observed a change in the campus dynamic, in the sense that it’s moving down the hate pyramid and is becoming more and more of an ideal campus for students.”