Local lunch places allow seniors to explore


Austin Ikard

GRABBING A QUICK LUNCH: Seniors April Ikard and Zach Kehler return to Bowie with Chick-fil-A in hand. The nearest Chick-fil-A is only 3.8 miles away from Bowie.

Donna Kim, Dispatch Reporter

The bell that signifies that second lunch is about to start rings, and you get up to walk to your car. You only have 45 minutes to eat lunch, and start thinking about where you will drive today to get food. There are many options that are near Bowie, so where will you choose?

I think that the students of Bowie are extremely lucky because of where Bowie is located. Drive a little down Slaughter Lane, and you can turn onto Brodie Lane, where a variety of fast places and stores are located.

 One spot that many students go to for lunch that is also convenient is Bush’s Chicken. Located on Brodie Lane (9815 Brodie Ln), Bush’s Chicken primarily focuses on chicken, but their menu consists of many meals with a variety of drinks, sides, and proportions. 

They are most famous for their amazing sweet tea, which comes in large sizes for a good price, and their chicken is also amazing. Bush’s Chicken is an ideal place to go to when craving something simple but still tasteful during lunch. 

Another place that I highly recommend to go to during lunch that is on Brodie is Sonic (9916 Brodie Ln.). Sonic has a variety of foods you can choose from, all for low prices.

 The service and parking is quick and extremely convenient, and although their food isn’t the healthiest, the food is cheap and is still tasteful. 

I would recommend ordering mozzarella sticks and I also love their slushies or blasts if you need a sweet treat with your meal. Sonic also has tater tots that are amazing to order on the side of your main meal.

Another popular drive through option is Whataburger, located on West Slaughter Lane. The service is usually quick, and speaks for itself as it is one Texas’s most popular fast food places. Right next to Whataburger is Starbucks, which is just a typical Starbucks that usually has a quick service.

 Both Whataburger and Starbucks have drive-thru options, which is an extremely convenient way to get food off-campus in the amount of time that lunch is. Starbucks has breakfast sandwiches that make for a filling lunch.

Sometimes, you just want to grab a quick, portable snack during lunch. Some great stores near Bowie are Randall’s, HEB, and Valero. Randall’s can be compared to HEB, just with a different name. At HEB you can find virtually anything for lunch including salads, sandwiches, pizza, microwavable meals, fresh fruit and much more.

My favorite quick thing to pick up for lunch at HEB is their sushi. It’s all made in the store and is amazing. Personally, I always choose San Antonio rolls with the Imitation crab, but I also love getting the California rolls. The Vegetarian rolls are also another runner up. 

 The Valero is a regular gas station with a variety of snack options, perfect to carry around in your backpack. Another store that is closest to Bowie is CVS, which can also be reached by walking. CVS has basic drug store products, along with a large section of snacks and drinks. 

Lunch is an important meal, as it gives you the energy you need for the rest of the day. It is especially important to students, since we spend half our day at school Always remember to eat something during lunch, and go out whenever you need a break from being at school.