National Honor Society


Izzy Rejino

National Honor Society members must keep track of their service hours throughout the year.

Lucy Johnson, J1 Reporter

Bowie High School has a variety of different clubs that can fit a student’s personality. Organizations like National Honor Society (NHS), and many others are here for students to cultivate friendships, help the community, and have fun!  

NHS  is an organization at Bowie that recognizes the student’s academic accomplishments and achievements. This club stands as a motivation trigger for members to keep up high grades, work ethic, and service hours.

“A huge motivation for the NHS is the servant of leadership,” English teacher and NHS club sponsor Jacqueline Gonzalez said. “Our students participate in several volunteer opportunities that help our community, and that is a great thing for them to participate in.”

Members of the NHS are expected to put their hours to the community. Whether that be making care packages for the homeless, donating toys for little kids, cleaning up litter, or planting new plants. 

“When contributing to my community I feel a sense of pride,” club member senior Keira Folkers said. “I love being able to put in my part to help in any way I can, and I hope that my efforts have made a difference.”

Likewise, being a good NHS student can mean taking on a lot of responsibility. That being said, students must put their best foot forward, and make time for out of school and in school activities.

“An NHS student is someone who is responsible, hard working, willing to help, and has a good time,”club member senior Travis Morgan said. “Being responsible with volunteer hours can be a bit difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to make room in my schedule for hours.”

In addition to volunteer time, students must keep up with their school life. This organization does not accept lazybones. Academic-wise members are expected to keep up with their work, try their hardest, and maintain grades of B’s and above.

 “Here at Bowie, these students have a GPA of 3.75,” Gonzalez said. “Academics motivate our members since they need to maintain good grades in their classes and keep up with their studies.” 

While maintaining good grades, and work ethic there is a higher chance of getting scholarships, and higher opportunities later in the future. Getting into good colleges are goals for all the students that are a part of the NHS.. 

“In the future I hope to see myself continuing to help the community around me, but also helping the world on a wider basis,” Folkers said. “I hope to travel the world, learn about the different cultures and ways of life, go to college, and help protect our planet from environmental disasters”