MLB Lockout


Izzy Rejino

The Major League players formed a union and voted to stop playing until they received higher pay. 

Oscar Campbell, Dispatch Reporter

The Major League Baseball lockout began on December 2, 2021 and lasted a total of just over three months, ending March 10, 2022. This became the second longest lockout in MLB history. The Major League players formed a union and voted to stop playing until they received higher pay. 

This was not the first strike/lockout that has happened in Major League Baseball history. The first ever Major League Baseball lockout began on April 1,1972 and lasted a total of twelve days, ending on April 13,1972. This was a major event leading to lockouts in other professional sports such as the NBA, NHL, as well as future Major League Baseball lockouts.  

Although this lockout has affected pro baseball, the minor leagues are still able to play through this strike. The minor league baseball teams gained a lot more attention due to baseball fans searching for something to watch while the Major Leagues are on lockout.   

The players formed a union called the Major League Baseball Player Association, MLBPA for short. They took a vote to begin their lockout on December second, asking for better pay. This stoppage lasted for over three months until March 10 when the MLB and MLBPA came to the agreement of better labor laws.

This lockout froze all payments from owners to their players, it also did not allow teams to be able to communicate with their players.

MLB fans are some of the supporting reasons that lead to the start of the lockout, although these MLB fans encourage the lockout they are very excited for the return of the MLB season which is set to return April 7, 2022. 

With the end of this lockout comes new rules and events such as the rule five draft. This is put in place so teams don’t just keep players on their minor league teams, after a number of years the players on their minor league team must be put on their roster. This draft will take place every year. 

There has also been an increase in minimum pay for Major League Baseball players. The MLB proposed that it would be changed from the original of $570,500 to $630,000 while the Major League Baseball Players Association proposed a minimum of $775,000. They are still deciding on the ruling. 

Although this lockout has ended and they have agreed on new labor laws, this still has to be agreed upon by the MLBPA and the MLB to be able continue with the season. Many fans all over social media showing their eagerness for professional baseball to start again.