Is Texas weather enjoyable?


Natalie Cullen

Texas has a humid subtropical climate with cold winters and hot summers.

Austin Ikard, Staff Writer

Texas weather can be all over the place, and sometimes you never expect what will happen. In the morning, it could be heavily raining, and a few hours later, it could be 90 degrees and sunny outside. Thankfully, we have somewhat reliable weather apps and TV stations to keep us updated. It can be hard to live with this weather, but recently it seems like it has been even more deranged than in past years. 

The weather here is super interesting and beautiful. Whenever it rains, you will hear the slight sound of raindrops hitting the ground as you stay dry in your home. Watching lightning hit in the distance. Being told about weather coming and that thrill of when is it going to start. Seeing the reflections off of puddles and the whole aesthetic of the weather makes it feel super unreal. I love dressing in warm clothes and seeing snow occasionally, especially with the amount of rain that Texas receives.

Texas weather is definitely different and changes frequently throughout the day. I always look forward to checking the weather app and seeing how it adapts throughout the day. Texas has a humid subtropical climate with cold winters and hot summers. This is totally subjective to an individual, as you either love different weather or hate it. Most people love sunny 70 degree weather days, which are super boring and have nothing interesting. People need to start appreciating the weather, as it seems some people don’t see the beauty in it. 

Many groups of people refer to different weather conditions as “bad weather”. Although it can cause people to not be able to go outside or canceling certain events. Of course, natural disasters are nothing to cherish as they are super deadly and destructive, but there is definitely a certain stunning appearance to them and different weather. 

Living in Texas, we get to experience the constantly changing weather. We do not get too many natural disasters compared to a state like Florida, but it is definitely possible. You should really consider going for a drive after a rain storm and possibly during some light rain. You can also try going for a walk in your neighborhood after a storm or possibly go on a trip somewhere to experience snow or another type of weather. You could also just wait for Texas to get snow again, as it is becoming more common.

We need to take a moment and savor this weather, as there really is a hidden picture. Seeing the charming looking sky. The appealing weather struck nature around us, and, of course, the rainbows after rain, brings true glory to weather.