Special date brings community together


Izzy Rejino

ALL TOGETHER: Teachers and students dance in the library to celebrate 2.22.22.

Nicole Rooney, Entertainment Editor

As students gather in the hallways to celebrate, the clock is ticking.

On Feb 22, 2022, students and teachers came together to sing, dance, and celebrate in the hallways as the time ticked down to 2:22. The date 2/22/22 will only happen once every 100 years, so for students and teachers, this was a fun thing to celebrate.

“I sent an email out to teachers and told them if they wanted to participate then to bring their classes down to the library and we would be dancing the Cupid Shuffle 2-22-22 @ 2:22,” librarian Tara Walker-Leon said. “I saw on social media some other schools were planning on dancing and thought it would be something fun to do to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event.”

During these past few years, it has been hard for us to come together as a community, this date and time was a perfect opportunity for the Bowie community to come together and have a fun time.

“The last 2 years have been difficult and trying to have so much disruption to our lives. It was an opportunity to build community and bring students and staff together in a fun environment,” Walker-Leon said.

This special date was able to bring a lot of people together, whether the date had a huge meaning behind it or it was just a fun thing to experience. Overall this was a time to come together as a community and be in the moment of this unique date.

“I think it was a moment to have fun and just not think about schoolwork, the pandemic, or anything else stressful,” Walker-Leon said. “The idea was to be in the moment and just have some fun. It was fun and that dance was easy. I really enjoyed seeing so many students enjoying themselves and having fun and I think many students either enjoyed dancing or enjoyed watching all of us dance together. We should do more dance parties in the library.”