Is FIT helpful?


Austin Ikard

Many students think FIT is not long enough, let alone not needed.

Emily Loewe, Dispatch Reporter

It’s 10:35, and the bell rings to dismiss your first class when you remember you haven’t signed up for a fit. After signing into the website, you scroll down the list of teachers looking for one you know. You find one and sign up, to go spend the next 22 minutes on your phone, talking to your friends, or maybe even trying to finish your homework for the next class.

This is the life of most students here at Bowie. While you can’t always have something to work on during those 22 minutes of fit, I think it is still a valuable asset for all students. Fit can be very helpful to students to make up work like quizzes and tests from being absent, or if you need help from a teacher to complete your assignment.

Teachers are also able to better help the students during these times because they aren’t having to focus on teaching their lesson plans during that period, so it gives them time to answer questions and clarify things that their students need help with. This can also give teachers a little extra time to grade or accomplish things they need to do.

Although signing up for fits can be tedious, especially if you forget to sign up, it’s nice having time to work on assignments or just relax in between classes. Fit can also be really helpful if, for example, you forget to complete your homework for a class later in the day or forgot to study. While you may not be able to cram all the studying you would need to do, it’s nice to have a second chance to do work you forgot about  while being in school.

I think having Fit at Bowie has been beneficial for all students from one point to another. Having time to relax or get help with homework in school is important for students to be successful. While not everyone may think fit is useful, I think it is good to have it as an option for the students who need it.