New Netflix movie amplifies many modern day issues


Lillian Hoover

Don’t Look Up amplifies many modern day issues in politics with idiotic politicians and a huge foreshadow of the effects of climate change.

Lillian Hoover, Dispatch Reporter

Netflix’s recently released movie of 2021 has sparked many talks of controversy between watchers since its release. This film, Don’t Look Up, amplifies many modern day issues in politics with idiotic politicians and a huge foreshadow of the effects of climate change.

Don’t Look Up dives into the lives of University Professor Dr. Randall and his student, Kate Dibiasky who discover an extinction level asteroid headed toward earth. This pair does everything in their power to stop the world from being destroyed, as they struggle with the combating authority of politicians who want to use the asteroid for their own gain. This constant use of dark comedy throughout the movie has gotten watchers thinking about hidden meanings behind everything.

Through the whole of the film, Dr. Randall (Leonardo Dicaprio) and Kate (Jennifer Lawrence) play a constant game of tug of war with President Orlean (Maryl Streep) and tech billionaire, Peter Isherwell, (Mark Rylance) who have a different agenda in regards to ‘saving the world’. These powerful people not only want to save it but to grow their reputation and profit. Their actions repetitively put the human race at risk which makes them even more bothersome and ironically relatable in regards to today’s politics.

I would connect these cinematic ideas to Donald Trump and his mass of followers who, similar to the movie, oppose that ongoing events like climate change will ever cause any detrimental effects. This ignorance that so many people carry is why it’s so hard to make a big change in the world. When someone holds enough power over you, it can be near impossible to live your life.

Along with climate change, I was also reminded of another current situation we have been endlessly struggling with by the name of, COVID-19. We’ve seen plenty of anti-maskers and anti-vaxers put themselves and others’ health at risk through their choices.

Another thing that made this movie so popular was the big names inside the film like Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Timothée Chalamet. These people have drawn in and grasped the attention of a multitude of different groups and made the movie more enjoyable to watch. The cast’s marvelous acting skills really sucked me into the movie and brought the satire into reality.

Not to mention, how the humor really wrapped the work into a beautiful piece of art. I constantly found myself breaking into spirals of laughter and chuckles here and there. I found so much to relate to and admire during every scene.

I would honestly rate this movie 9/10 for its dramatic display of current reality and the talented, entertaining actors who made everything come to life. I think Don’t Look Up was a reminder for all of us to stand up, open our eyes and think about what we want our future to be. We can be the change or not, but we can’t get there unless we work together and work for it.

I highly recommend this movie and believe this was an extraordinary work in cinematic film history.