Anticipating low temperatures and a potential freeze


Amilia Velez

With issues revealing months after the storm, there’s no telling what damage another storm could cause.

Amilia Velez, Staff Writer

Last winter, Texas was devastated by an unexpected winter storm. Record low temperatures and severe snowfall swept the state and left many citizens unprepared and stripped of resources.

February 11, 2021 through February 20, 2021 was a difficult time for many Texans. According to the Texas Tribune, over 10 million people lost electricity and water, including sophomore Emma Munsinger.

“The winter storm was hard on my family; we lost electricity and water for a few days,” Munsinger said. “My house was really cold and I wasn’t able to shower. Going to the grocery store was a challenge and we ran out of many essentials such as dog food.”

A snowstorm of this magnitude had never occurred in Texas and the pipes were not prepared for the freeze. According to ABC, the power outages along with freezing temperatures caused pipes all around the state to burst, plummeting pressure and draining reserves. Losing water was devastating for many people including senior Kyla Ferrante.

“For my family, our power went out originally and then was sporadic, ” Ferrante said. “It came on every five hours and then turned off, kind of like rolling blackouts. We also lost water for around a week and not being able to shower or cook was difficult. Our only source of heat was the fireplace so we cuddled up by the fireplace playing board games because that’s all we could do.”

The Texas winter storm was costly due to infrastructure damage and power loss. According to the National Weather Service, this was potentially the most costly weather disaster for the state of Texas in history, surpassing even Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Texas can not afford to lose this much money again and being prepared in case of another storm is essential.

“Since winter storms are so unpredictable, I think Texas should be prepared for anything,” Munsinger said. “Having salt available for roads and maybe even snowplows would ensure safety while driving.”

On a local level, another winter storm would be disastrous for Bowie. Last year’s storm has had lasting effects on the pipes and plumbing. With these issues revealing months after the storm, there’s no telling what damage another storm could cause.

“I don’t think Bowie is prepared for another winter storm,” Ferrante said. “We have really bad plumbing so if it happened again, I think all their pipes would freeze and they would break again.”

Climate change has caused unusual weather patterns all around the world. According to the Texas Tribune, the winter of 2021 was both the coldest and warmest winter in Texas. Many people are noticing the unusual changes including Bowie science teacher Dane Smith.

“Climate change seems to have made winter weather in the South and Southeast more variable,” Smith said. “Whenever I talk to the older members of my family, they note the strangeness of going from the upper 70’s one day to below freezing the next.”

With Texas weather changing constantly it is unclear whether we will experience another storm of this capacity. This dilemma has caused much speculation from Bowie students as they attempt prepare for any uncertainties that can occur.

“I do think there might be another winter storm around mid-February, but hopefully Texas is more prepared,” Ferrante said.

In case Texas does have another winter storm, being prepared is important for everyone’s safety. A CNN news report recommends tips such as stocking up on food and fresh water, letting your faucets drip to avoid freezing, and staying informed on the latest news.

“My family bought more covers to put over your outside water sources and more tarps for our plants so they don’t freeze,” Ferrante said.