Is Gunna’s new album ‘Pushin P’?


Austin Ikard

The “p” emoji gained a new meaning after the new song by Gunna dropped but had fans pretty confused as the meaning is hard to explain.

Austin Ikard, Dispatch Reporter

With Gunna’s release of his fourth full-length album drip season called “DS4EVER” which is known to be his last drip season he undoubtedly dropped a solid project. Dropping on January seventh along with The Weeknd’s album “Dawn FM” there was plenty of competition between the two. Several complications were also in the queue for this album including deluxe complications and tracklist rumors. This album stood out from his other albums with it being his longest drip season with 20 songs not including about four songs that should drop on the deluxe version. Once again Gunna delivered his replayable flow. It offered Famous features found on the tracklist that popularized the album since it was announced starting with the song “too easy” w/future.

Many artists drop a couple of songs of an album before it drops to let their listeners know their project is on the way. With the first song and throughout the album he uses a blend of melodic gestures, tone, and feeling. Gunnas lyricism is not the type of music worth parsing. His music has a very enthusiastic and loving-life-feel with plenty of swank as well. His music is perfect to play with friends and basically another rapper that is hard to disappoint with his unique skill to flow on beats.

Of course with social media being around, a song/emoji, in particular, has taken over TikTok and many other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. The song is called “Pushin P” (feat. Young Thug and Future) and uses the parking sign emoji on the iPhone. The emoji gained a new meaning after the song dropped but had fans pretty confused as the meaning is hard to explain.“Like leaving your partners out the loop, That ain’t P” Gunna explained in a video posted to TikTok. The emoji took over thousands of comment sections across the world.

With the creations of albums, it’s not just the artist who makes the album. There are several producers and features that make an album special and enjoyable. Some famous producers included Wheezy, Metro Boomin, Mike WiLL, TURBO, and side producers that help the main ones. These producers are found on many rap albums and have worked with Gunna before which helped gain his popularity.

Artists will also sometimes drop deluxes for their albums which is a re-release of an album that includes more content from the first release, usually after a reasonable amount of time has passed. Another song called “banking on me” blew up on TikTok after a snippet of the song was posted on social media. On January 11, streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify released the deluxe album for a short period of time after it was removed. It is thought to be an error with the streaming platforms as Gunna never intended for the deluxe to drop on Tuesday (January 11). The songs that dropped were, “banking on me”, “all the money”, “push start”, and “occupation” (feat Strick). Fans are anxiously waiting for them to drop once again

Overall this album is definitely enjoyable and should be added to your rotation. Although it did receive several backlashes stating the first part of the album was way better than the second, it was still an 8/10. Perfect songs for the car include “poochie gown”, “mop (feat Young Thug)”, “25k jacket (feat. Lil Baby), and many others all deliver great energy and car shaking beats.