Alamo mural changed for scream


Natalie Cullen

The Alamo Drafthouse recently changed their mural to promote the new Scream movie.

Julia Arriaga, Dispatch Reporter

The Alamo Drafthouse on West Slaughter lane has been open for several years now. It is a place where you can see movies and enjoy meals at their on site-restaurant 400 Rabbits. Every once in a while the mural is changed. The last Terminator Mural was up since 2019. 

Painted by the same artist, this screaming mural was created by Austin-based artist Mike “Truth” Johnston. Johnston has painted many murals around Austin including posters on power boxes and wall murals. 

The Mural was a collaboration of Paramount Pictures, the Alamo Drafthouse, Spyglass media Group, and Johnston. Paramount Pictures sponsored the whole ordeal. It was created as an advertisement for the reboot of the Scream franchise’s new film, “SCREAM” staring many of the film series’ former actors such as David Arquette. This film is the third highest-grossing film of 2022. 

SCREAM (SCREAM Five) is a sequel to Scream four and takes off right where they left off. It follows Samantha Carpenter and Richie Kirsch, who are investigating a series of murders by a new ghostface. They enlist the help of Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers, former characters from the Scream series. 

The box office has been suffering through sales in the pandemic due to widespread lockdowns of Movie Theaters, causing film companies to turn to online streaming services. Back in March of 2021, the Alamo Drafthouse filed for bankruptcy to help keep the company survive past the pandemic. With Austin slowly easing back into normal life things are looking up for the Alamo Drafthouse.