Bathrooms at school are gross

Lucy Johnson, J1 Reporter

Using the school bathroom can be a really uncomfortable, nasty experience. That is because they are absolutely revolting. 

The custodians should not be blamed for this, it’s the students that make it that way. The bathroom are nice and clean at the beginning of the day, but as the day goes on the worse and worse it gets. The bathrooms end up polluted, and unusable because of the destruction by students.

When students are caught destroying property or damaging bathrooms there should be some form of discipline given out. This could be anything from after school detention, lunch detention, and maybe even service hours. If it gets really bad it could be that the student will need to use the bathroom in the office, or where some adult is present. 

A little while back there was a trend that arose through many schools around the United States. The trend was known as “devious licks.” Students would steal, break, and vandalize items on school property. Whether that be stealing bathroom stall doors, unscrewing toilet seats, draining the soap from dispensers, or setting a trash can on fire, all of these acts made the restrooms completely unusable for students and teachers to use.

Though the trend died down, the destruction of the restroom didn’t stop. The constant act of shoving items down the toilet resulted in making them clogged. Not only were the toilets clogged, they started to overflow, resulting in broken toilets. 

It is really frustrating having disgusting unusable bathrooms in a place where I spend most of my time. I don’t want to walk into a bathroom where there is food spread on the floor, or bodily fluids, and waste surrounding the stalls. It’s horrible, and something needs to change.

Furthermore, the students and adminstarted need to make a change.  Some ideas that could help students are to flush the toilet regularly, eat in the cafeteria or courtyard, and wash your hands. The administration could add air freshers, automatic toilets, wider stalls, and more soap and paper towel dispensers.

Honestly, I don’t know why it’s so difficult for students to use the bathroom and go back to class like every other student. If they think it’s funny, it’s really not. They’re making the bathrooms a really unpleasant place. 

School bathrooms are absolutely horrendous, and disgusting. Students need to stop clogging, vandalizing, and destroying the bathrooms. They need to be responsible and take better care of the restroom, that way everyone can use them with no issue. The administration can also help, by adding or renovating the bathroom for the benefit of the students.