Study guides should be required

Study guides help students prepare for tests more and better understand the material learned.

Sydney Crum

Study guides help students prepare for tests more and better understand the material learned.

Nicholas Navarro, J1 Reporter

Study guides help students’ in many ways. The most important reason and the one I am going to focus on is how it positively impacts grades.

Study guides help students get better grades and do better on tests in general, because of this I think that study guides should be required in all core classes.

Doing this would help students know exactly what to study for. In the last year, I think that some students have become less inclined to study on their own. I believe that if teachers provided the materials that will be on the test, students will have a better idea of what and maybe why they should be studying.

It has been proven that study guides do help students get higher grades. A study a few years ago by scholar works showed that study guides helped students increase their grades on tests by over 30%. Because of this dramatic increase in scores, I think that it would be dumb not to use them as much as we can. 

If teachers didn’t want or have the time to make the study guides themselves they could have the students of the class write it. If a student did not want to write a study guide on their own, and they have a history of not doing very well on tests then the teacher can make the students partner up and have them both work on the same study guide.

A study guide is a question sheet for a test, not an answer sheet. Because of this, the teacher could show all of the questions on a test excluding the answers. The class could then write down the questions in the way that helps them most. 

One of the main reasons more study guides aren’t created is that it gives the teachers a lot more work that could otherwise be avoided, but if the teachers took the time to make the guides then there would be a clear increase in grades.

It could also help students learn the essential skill of studying. If students continue through their school life without learning how to correctly study they will have a much harder time than someone that has learned how to study correctly and efficiently.

More teachers should write study guides for their students. This will only make your students more successful.