Four day school weeks would change schools for the better


Lauren Wright

Currently, school weeks are five days long.

Jackson Bukowsky, J1 Reporter

Students and teachers need a four-day school week for things like relaxing, catching up on grades or missing work, or even just to spend more time with friends and family

I think the school board should institute four-day school weeks so that students and teachers can get away from school and calm down. This would help especially after a long grueling week at school.

Four-day school weeks would greatly benefit students and teachers’ mental health so that their work ethic would improve and nobody would need to take any days off or away from school unless they are sick.

These four-day school weeks would also let students and teachers get more rest. This would allow them to relax and spend time with their friends and family so they don’t have to think about school. This would also let them calm down and make them lose their stress from school. The decline in stress would give them more joy in life.

Finally, four-day school weeks would give the students and teachers more time to work on things outside of school such as entering grades and finishing homework. This time outside of school would allow students to work at their own pace instead of having to work at their teachers pace. The students would not have to work as fast and could have extra time outside of school to ask for help if they needed it for any reason.

Some might say that students need more time in the classroom for extra help or just because their parents are at work and they can’t leave them home alone or take their kids with them to work. They might also say that teachers need more time in the classroom to make lesson plans for the day,  to make a safer environment for all of their students, and to even meet with other teachers about grades and lesson plans.

A solution to this would be that teachers could have tutoring sessions on Friday’s for kids who need extra help or have nowhere else to go for the day. These tutoring sessions could include work time and free time after all their work is done for the day.

These tutoring sessions might even help some  students pass a certain class or just give them more time to finish late or unfinished work for a certain class.

Four- day school weeks would make students and teachers lives so much easier. This would change schools for the better.