Student ID’s are pointless


Mazzy Warren

Every student is given an ID at the beginning of each school year.

Michael Vienneau, J1 Reporter

Every Bowie student has an ID that they are supposed to carry everywhere they go. In my opinion these student ID’s are completely pointless because of how the school uses them.

Student ID’s were something that the school wanted to make a priority to make sure that every student is safe. I feel as though these student ID’s are completely underutilized because the teachers never check them.

They are not actually used for any purpose, I could forget to bring my student ID for a week and no one would notice.

The first week of student ID’s my teachers as well as other teachers used the student ID for students to check in to class. Since the first week of ID’s, the ID’s have served basically no purpose.

Bowie should make student ID’s a priority and a safety check. When entering the school students should show their own student ID.

If a student forgets their ID at their house, then checking in at the office serves as a viable option.

Bowie is a school that prides itself on taking care of students, this is a big flaw in the system and it is kind of scary. Any student can basically walk into the school.

I understand that other people feel as though student ID’s are actually useful because of the fact that only Bowie students have access to them. 

I also know that people may think that student ID’s are not needed because they feel as though Bowie is a safe school.

The fact of the matter is that school lockdowns are increasing year after year, and I feel as though we would rather be safe than sorry. 

I know that everyone wants to be safe at school and I think that students should be required to show an ID before entering campus.

Bowie has posters all over campus saying to wear your ID at all times and that it has to be visible. I never see anyone wearing ID’s and nothing is ever done about it. If we made masks mandatory why can’t we do the same thing for ID’s?

Right now the student ID’s are pointless, they do not have to be though, Bowie just needs to change the policies and start enforcing them.