Mental health days should be optional for students


Sam Vane

Many students face stress due to the workload from their classes.

Madeline Travis, J1 Reporter

Should mental health days be optional for students? 

There are many reasons why it could be beneficial for students to take breaks throughout the week. As for managing it, you could send an authorized note that you took a mental health day that day and it could be marked as excused. 

These days could be anything from just sleeping in one day to just taking a day to do something that you want to do, and not having to be concerned about what’s due tomorrow. 

If students took mental health days it’ll make them more productive in their school work. Mental health days could be an incentive to get their work done and not procrastinate so they don’t have to do anything when they have a day off.  

The teachers should be able to give all of the work at the first of the week so that students don’t have to do things daily and get behind. 

Mental health days could also lessen procrastinating because if students have something to look forward to they will be more inclined to do the work and get it done so that they can have more time to themselves. 

Since we were all online last year we have the technology to post things online so teachers should give physical copies to the part of the class in-person but they should also let students do it online so they don’t get behind.  

It’s stressful to have to think about the load of work that you’re missing when you’re gone, mental health days could help lessen that pressure.

Having mental health days would also mean students would have more energy when they do work because they’ve gotten more rest during the week. 

Teachers would say that it is too hard to teach lessons when people are out randomly. This is why giving a plan for the week could be beneficial because if students know what to do for the whole week. Certain grades could have mental health days per week so it’s easier for the teachers to organize it.  

Students need to rest in general because school’s very stressful when you’re working most hours of the day. These days would be days where there is no homework at all and the teachers should abide by that. 

Student mental health days could be beneficial because they will make them more productive if they get more rest during the week. It would also give them more incentive to do work so they can get more free time.