Phone caddies/jails should not be in any classrooms


Kate Davis

Many teachers have students put their phones in “phone jail” at the beginning of class.

Claire Smith, J1 Reporter

Many teachers like to collect their students’ phones before the beginning of class and keep them there until the end of class. Students do not have any access to their phones because of this decision.

This rule is way too strict on students. I think we should be allowed to have our phones available to us during class. Our teachers should not have the right to take our personal things, especially something as valuable as our phones.

Students should be allowed to have our phones with us during class so we can use it for what it’s made for, things like listening to music to help us work harder, texting our parents or even writing an email on our phones for school. 

Listening to music on my phone really helps me stay focused on my work by blocking out the other distractions and zoning in on my work. Music also can be motivating and inspiring to put in more effort.

We also need our phones for communication between our parents especially when my family is having an emergency or I have to leave class early for some reason. I need to talk to my parents about those things and clear them up.

Our phones can also be useful for school work. We can use our phone to take a picture of our work to remind us to finish it later or we can look up some data online to put in our writing. A student can also use their phone as a calculator or a way to take measurements for math or science.

I understand that teachers see phones as a distraction from work and students do fall behind from spending too much time on their phone. This does happen and it is entirely the students fault for being irresponsible and not keeping up with their time management.

But I think this situation can be fixed easily if teachers gave everyone a chance at having their phones available to them all class, then the teacher can decide which students are spending more time on their phones than on their work and the teacher can eventually take that kids phone away. 

This is fair because only the kids that can’t handle their phone get it taken away instead of all the students when most of them are responsible with their phone.