The Problem With Homework


Sophia Sanchez

Many students have found homework to be a large source of stress.

Michael Vienneau, J1 Reporter

Homework is something that is dreaded by students across the world. Students will get home from a long day of school and possibly extra curricular activities just to stay up another several hours to finish homework. 

Although the idea of homework is to help students, I believe that homework should be given as an optional thing.

If you have an assignment in class and you don’t finish, then I believe homework is valid. However, giving out homework on new assignments should be optional for students who want  to improve, with rewards given if you complete the homework.

 Many people consider the lack of sleep from students around the world an epidemic. This epidemic is prominently caused because of the amount of homework given out by teachers. 

Then students are expected to be focused upon their return to school the next day, after just getting six hours of sleep. The system is ridiculous and unfair to all students who work hard to earn good grades. 

Over 87 percent of high school students do not receive the recommended amount of sleep every night, according to Stanford Health and Medicine. This is extremely dangerous for many reasons. 

Students are young and they also begin driving. Driving with just five hours of sleep from the night before is a seriously dangerous issue. 

I understand that people think that homework is important to successful learning, but is it really necessary if it comes at the cost of stress and depression for students. 

Yes, I believe that homework will help students tone in their learning. However, I believe that the safety of the students should be a bigger priority than the homework.

A study by CNN showed that 56 percent of students feel as though homework is the primary stressor in their life. That is unnecessary stress on students and should be discontinued.

I feel as though making homework optional would allow for students to do homework on nights where they have time without worrying about the nights where they do not have time to do work.

For the students who do the homework this would help them put more grades in the grade book which would improve their GPA. The students who do not do homework would have less grades in the grade book, which may result in lower grades. But overall, this would reduce the stress for the students greatly. Homework can be helpful, but I feel like homework should not be required because of the toll it can take on students.