Homework should be toned down


Sophia Sanchez

Many students have found homework to be a large source of stress.

Noah Ellinger, J1 Reporter

I think homework in general right now should be toned down. I am doing the swim team for a club and I have practice every night. By the time I get home from school I am still doing school work until practice starts.

Going from online school to physical school has been tough for me and I think others feel the same way. Online school was one of the easiest school years of my life. I learned my concepts easier and I got homework done really fast because it was pretty easy. 

Going from easy to gun-ho you have to complete a six-hour long project in three days it’s hard. Others probably are the opposite and love being in a classroom again with their friends and don’t mind the homework. Believe me, I do like being in a class with my friends but the amount of homework is just so hard for me.

It is also the reason this is my first year of high school and I am just not used to it. If every year is like this though I better get used to it or it will not be fun. I do hope though it dies down at some point so I can have some fun and build some relationships with friends. 

Some solutions I suggest are maybe not so much homework or make the due date later. Maybe when there is a Halloween weekend or a school dance, don’t assign three assignments. kids need to do “things”over the weekend. I have had that twice. I had to miss some of Halloween to get a biology and Intro into Engineering and Design class done. 

I also crammed a World Geography project on Hoco weekend and stayed up until twelve in the morning. 

Also maybe others who have got the hang of homework maybe help your friends understand and with homework assignments so they feel the same way you do. 

Research from Stanford found that homework overload can negatively affect children. Ways it can affect children is excessive stress. They took a survey and it indicated 56% of students say their stress comes from homework. It also causes physical health problems like sleep deprivation.

Students also say they rarely have time to do extracurricular activities with their friends. They also say that they have to drop hobbies in order to catch up with school work. It’s also stressful for parents when their kid asks for help and they help but the parents don’t have time for their own personal work.

Even families suffer from homework overloads. In my family I have two younger siblings . I can only talk to them on weekends and catch up with them. Right when I get home I don’t have time to play with them. I have to get a math assignment done that is due the next day.

My younger brother Ezra is in middle school and is in soccer, I always see him with a computer typing. I also feel bad for my younger brother Luke who is in kindergarten and wants someone to play with. My parents also sometimes when I say I have another assignment they usually say “Really, another?!” or, “Man, you have to catch up Noah.” I also miss out on family movie nights which is a bummer since I love them.

I also have first-hand experience on giving up a hobby. I used to play piano every day for thirty minutes, but now I can’t do that. My parents and I decided it would have to be a summer thing which is a huge bummer. 

Anyways, saying all that I hope I have got some people to agree. I also hope you guys get the grades you desire and get the hang of this big change from online to physical. I still think we need to tone down the assignments just a little bit or by a lot. Both work for me, one less homework assignment makes me happy.