Masks should be worn


Cyrus Mitchell

After quarantining in the beginning of March 2020, most of us were introduced to masks.

Addy Schlink, J1 Reporter

Masks are very important, they protect our community, ourselves, and our family. So, wear your mask at all times when you’re out in public. 

I believe that masks are useful, and should be worn. According to HealthAffairs more than 200,000 COVID-19 cases were averted by May 22, 2020 due to people wearing their masks in public. 

Researchers at Nature discovered in early August the weekly increases in per-capita were four times lower in the places where masks were normal, and recommended by the government. They also found out when a country in East Asia, Mongolia, adopted masks in January as of May they recorded no deaths related to COVID-19.

Your mask should go over your nose, and mouth. That’s the way they’re effective. 

Since we’re still young, we can get sick and not be aware of it. There’s something called being asymptomatic, and it’s where you’re sick but you don’t have any symptoms. 

When you’re asymptomatic, you can still spread the virus so it’s important to wear your mask just in case. 

According to the UChicagoMedicine research team, only 14% to 20% of the transmission of COVID-19 showed symptoms. That’s not a lot. Researchers at Duke University found out people who are asymptomatic have the same ability to spread COVID-19 as the people who did show symptoms. 

So, just to be safe, wear your mask. You don’t want the people you care about to get sick. People who have a weak immune system, or who have other medical issues are less likely to recover well. According to the Washington Post, people with underlying conditions were 12 times as likely to die of COVID-19 as otherwise healthy people.

Masks can be uncomfortable and they may not match your outfit but I have a solution, you can find comfortable cloth masks with tons of designs. There’s so many designs and options you can find one to go with everything, even plain colors work well. You’ll look great, and you’ll be protecting yourself and others all at the same time. 

It’s also getting cold, so masks are great to keep you warm. 

People in Texas do not like being told what to do…at all. No one does, but it’s to keep us safe. Which results in people rebelling against mandates. 

I think masks are very useful, I don’t know anyone who has gotten the virus while wearing their masks. I know people who have gotten the virus while NOT wearing their masks. 

Just wear your mask. The more we wear our masks, the faster all of this goes away.