Boys basketball starts off the new season


Nick Wood

During the 2020-2021 district season the Bowie Bulldogs finished 9-4 in district play, placing themselves 3rd in the district.

Riley Payne, Dispatch Reporter

Growing together and learning together is what the Bulldogs will encounter heading into district play this season. The young squad is hungry and ready to sprout like a plant this upcoming district season. 

During the 2020-2021 district season the Bowie Bulldogs finished 9-4 in district play, placing themselves 3rd in the district. The play in the district helped lead the Bulldogs to an overall record of 15-5 and a playoff appearance, where the bulldogs went to round 3 and narrowly lost by a basket to end their playoff run. 

Head Coach Cellister Collier leads the varsity team into district play, which starts December 21st vs Westlake. Currently four players from the varsity roster last year are on this year’s team.

“We have to get better each and every day,” Collier said. ”We’ve got a very young ballclub, so right now expectations are to improve and be the best version of Bowie basketball we can be.”

The varsity team opens district play against the Westlake Chaparrals on December 21st at Bowie High School.

“We’re so young in terms of experience on this varsity roster, so we are learning and it’s a work in progress,” Collier said. ”I think by the time we get to district play, we have a chance to be a good ball club right now, but we have lots of kids that need to quickly understand the difference between junior varsity and varsity play.

Key role players haven’t been practicing this fall due to being involved in the success of the Bowie Football team.

“Right now we’ve got to learn as we go, and we’ve got to lean on some of these seniors who have experience in terms of playing,” Collier said.” Our seniors need to fill some leadership roles for us right now, and for the rest of the team, so it will be a learning process.”

Senior guard Noah Vasquez understands the role of being a leader this year.

“I hope to use my experience at the varsity level to help make the transition for my younger teammates smoother, so they can have a jump start on their years to come,” Vasquez said.

The district stretch includes 15 games which will start late December and end in the middle of February. 

“The goal this year is to win the district and make it back to the playoffs,” Vasquez said.” I think the goal is to always be on top and win it all.”

As well as competing in district play the bulldogs will also compete in tournaments all around the Austin area.

“We can meet the goal of winning the district by out hustling every team we play and being smarter and more physical than anyone we play on the court,” Vasquez said.

The varsity team will play around 2 district games a week once district play starts. 

“I know everyone on this team is completely bought into the program Coach Collier runs, and that we will be giving 100% of our effort every practice and every game,” Vasquez said.