Should the homework load be cut?


Sophia Sanchez

Teachers have been giving homework for many years and students have been complaining for all of those many years.

Madeleine Travis, J1 Reporter

Teachers have been giving homework for many many years and students have been complaining for all of those many, many years. 

Homework is additional work above and beyond what teachers can’t get done in class and it’s very unnecessary.

If we’re in school for eight out of the twelve hours of the day, they should be able to get done what needs to be done during that time and not have to waste our time outside of school to get it done. 

If they can’t get it done in that time it shows that there’s too much work in general. SNO sites took a survey on students’ homework hourly averages throughout the week. It showed that most students spend three to five hours on homework every day of the week, and the numbers were the same even on weekends.  

I understand that the teachers need to be able to get notes and assignments done but if they need to get them done then space it out differently so that less work and time goes into the assignments. 

They can still go over the content just in a shorter period of time. For instance, take fewer notes and cut out the less important things. They should only give what’s crucial in the notes and give more time for the assignments during class time.  

There’s no reason to spend the whole class time taking notes when we could just have pre-written notes online and we could use the time for the bigger, more important assignments.  

They should be able to manage their class time better and not have to leave it to the students to have to do what they failed to do because they spent all of the class talking or making us take notes.

I know from personal experience that in my AP history class we take the whole time, bell-to-bell, and don’t actually do anything productive to help us toward the unit test; they just fill it with notes that I haven’t used but once.

They expect us to be able to do the things that actually help us on our own time or if we can’t do it on our own we have to come in during tutoring, which is just something else to do outside of school. 

I think that the workload should be cut significantly because there’s no reason to be spending an hour and a half on notes that we don’t even go back to but once, there should be one concise group of notes for the whole unit that covers the most important topics for the whole unit. 

Most of the notes we don’t use anyway which is a waste of paper and time. Especially in the AP classes they expect you to do way too much outside of classes to the point where it’s not fair to the students. 

They tell you to be better at managing your time but there’s no time to manage if you don’t have any time, to begin with.