Should Homework be given out?



We get told our whole lives to keep working, and never stop working toward our goal, to where it is engraved into our minds that school is more important than your health. Or that you are only as good as that letter grade that is given out every nine weeks. 

Ava Grosso, J1 Reporter

I think that homework does not make anyone’s life better and it should be distributed on a rare occasion. There are many reasons that homework does more harm than good. I think homework should only be given out when work is not completed in class, to reduce the stress on students.

One reason that homework should be limited is because kids do not have time these days. I play soccer and go to practices four times a week and have two games every weekend. I do not have time to get homework done. When school ends my mind switches off from the school mindset to my soccer mindset. Most kids in high school are like me and all we want is that hour or thirty minutes of free time that they get in the day to themselves instead of focusing on homework. 

School is already seven hours of our day and it starts bright and early at eight in the morning. If I spend the whole day working my brain on multiple subjects in a day, and have to go home and continue to work, my brain will never get the rest it needs. Kids these days are mentally and physically exhausted, and are barely pushing through. 

Most students have stayed up at least until 12:00 doing homework; and this is not always because the student was off task, it could also be because the student does not have time. Some students need that extra time used on homework in their night to just get some sleep so they can do well in school the next day. 

When you are in high school people always say that it is when your life is going to change the most, and it will either be the best or worst years of your life. When a teenager’s brain is growing and their hormones are kicking in, dealing with all this change is mentally draining. Having to deal with mental challenges and having no time to just sit there with yourself and think because of homework piling up in your folder is scary. Kids put off their mental health and keep putting it off for a silly letter grade that we think will decide our future.  

You drink caffeine at nine o’clock at night just so you can stay up to submit your work that is due at exactly 11:59. I am not able to focus on other school work when I am stressed about getting homework assignments turned in on time. When it gets too stressful kids start to break down and some kids are already broken enough and the last thing  they need is one more breakdown. 

So this is why I think that homework should be given on rare occasions because it affects students more than you think. The seven hours of school is enough, we should be letting students rest their brains at the end of the school day and focus on themselves, and not the stress that is put on them by homework that is given after the exhaustion of school that is endured.