“Easy On Me”: The Comeback Single


Isabella del Nido

After 5 years this song feels like an opening to a new age of Adele, one of happiness and positivity. 

Isabella del Nido, Arts/Graphics Editor

For the first time in five years, Adele teased fans with a long awaited and highly anticipated single. The song will be followed by her fourth studio album “30”. 

After hits like “Rolling In the Deep,” and “Hello,” fans were over the moon excited over the end of the five year hiatus. Adele’s single, “Easy On Me,” came with many expectations due to the long wait. 

 On October 14, 2021 the music video for “Easy On Me” dropped on Youtube. In almost all of the music videos she’s dropped they have all been in some shade of black and white. However, her new song exhibits a transition into color, showing that she is no longer held back by her past and is moving on from her relationship with Simon Koneki. Her voice is one of the most valuable in pop culture and music. Her songs contain so much hidden detail and the stories told within her imagery makes it all the much more meaningful.

Adele has set an example for every young girl of success by relying on her own talents and abilities. She has shown young girls to never depend on anyone for anything. She also shows how to know and understand your own value, as well as putting your own health first. 

Adele’s previous marriage is explored through her new song. W her marriage wasn’t toxic, it was an unhappy relationship and she conveys how that affected her life through storytelling in her lyrics. At the beginning of the song she says, “there is no gold in this river,” symbolizing how she keeps searching for something valuable between her and Koneki.

I think that the perspective of this song is written to her son, explaining why she had to leave her husband so maybe in the future he will understand. 

The symbolism behind the house featured in her music videos is really compelling and feels like a personification of her feelings towards her marriage. In “Rolling In the Deep,” Adele is building the house, symbolizing her building the foundations of her marriage and relationship. In “Hello,” she is seen moving into the home and establishing permanent roots for her and her son. Lastly in “Easy On Me” she is seen coming to terms with her unhappy marriage and moving out of the house, showing how she has completely moved on from Koneki. 

I would rate her new song overall a 5/5, it introduces a new era perfectly and the song sets up her album for the charts. Her lyrics are 4/5 just because some parts were hard to understand and decipher. Her visuals are 5/5. I was extremely impressed with that symbolism behind the house and how the video ended up being in color. Adele will continue without the shackles of her past, performing beautiful and successful music in the music industry. I am so excited to see where “30” takes her and I can’t wait to be along for the ride.