Harmonic return of student music organization


Mars Canepa

STRUMMING HIS GUITAR: Junior Ethan Smith plays guitar with his other friends in their after school guitar quartet. With the reintroduction of the Music Honor Society, Smith plans to audition as he hopes to be a member of the society.

Julia Arriaga, Staff Writer

Gathering from all across Bowie, musicians come together to join the new competition club. The inactive TRI-M Music Honor Society makes its return to Bowie after more than a year of absence.

Music Honor Society is a national program that students and teachers all around the US participate in. With 84,000 active students around the globe, the TRI-M Music Honor Society is centered around music and service. There will be various opportunities for TRI-M members to perform and show off their skills.

“I would like to see [students] be able to have an opportunity to see other realms of music,” choir teacher Aaron Bourgeois said. “These contests will give the members of the honor society a space to take a step outside of their musical comfort zone and try something different.”

After taking notice that there were not as many ways student musicians are getting recognized for their talent, Bourgeois and choir teacher Randy Cantu decided to co-sponsor the Music Honor Society.

“I was wondering if there was a specific way to honor and award some specific students who do really well in my music class,” Bourgeois said. “While it’s not like the National Honor Society, it’s definitely the closest thing that we have had to it.”

Currently, the society is holding auditions and once that process is over, the students will begin bettering their skills future competitions.

“We’re looking for students that are committed to service and music, and we are looking to find opportunities to, you know, pat them on the back for the work that they do,” Cantu said.

The society allows students to do more than  compete in different music competitions. Later in the spring, the honor society has plans to assist in music oriented activities centered around helping the community.

“I feel for the amount of time and contribution being a dedicated musician at Bowie there should be a lot more ways to be officially recognized in their ability to do that,” Bourgeois said.

With the re-introduction of the honor society to Bowie’s campus, Bourgeois shares his hopes for the impact and directive  of this club on its members.

“As the honor society makes its return to Bowie l, I hope that its members learn and continue to expose themselves to everything that is available music world because it’s always fun to soak in the music world a little bit,” Bourgeois said.