Raiders coach Jhon Gruden steps down from position

Oscar Campbell, Dispatch Reporter

With the emails surfacing to the media, the Raiders former head coach, Jhon Gruden, was forced to step down on monday october 11. 

After Gruden sent emails of homeophobic remarks from 2010 and 2018, they were finally brought to the surface, resulting in an outrage, forcing Gruden to resign as head coach. 

After Gruden started his head coaching career 1998, he stayed with the Raiders through 2001. He then moved to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and led them to a Super Bowl in 2003. Jhon Gruden finally made his return from retirement to the Raiders on January 6, 2018. 

After many looked up to Gruden as a coach and a mentor, they were struck with sadness when they found what he had done. Many had taken their rage to social media with the #CancelGruden trending on twitter. Many became more enraged when they found out he has been sending emails filled with homephobic remarks since the year 2011. 

Even with Carl Nassib and openly gay player on the Las Vegas Raiders Gruden continued to say things such as “gay players should not be allowed to play in the NFL” in his emails. Jhon Gruden’s words to Nassib when he found out what he said was he was “really sorry” but still did not resign until the other emails surfaced. 

Gruden also used Homeophobic remarks to describe the NFL conditioner Roger Goodell and Michel Sam a player on the Los Angeles Rams. 

Jhon Gruden Signed a 10 year contract worth 100 million dollars in 2018, making him the highest paid coach in NFL History. He is still owed 40 million dollars even after resigning as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. 

Jhon gruden is reportedly suing the NFL and Roger Goodell for his private emails being leaked during the investigation of the Washington football team. The lawsuit said that the NFL was trying to get Gruden terminated or removed. Although the NFL is declining these claims they will have to go under investigation.