Silver Stars raise money for their Hawaii trip


Kate Davis

HANGING UP FLYERS: Sophomore Savi Kulkarni promotes the Silver Star fundraiser by putting up signs around campus.

Lauren Wright, Dispatch Reporter

Wind blowing their hair into their faces. Salt from the water burning their eyes. The breeze from the trees providing a cool relief from the hot sun. The Silver Stars are looking forward to their trip to Hawaii this spring.  

  In order to earn money for the trip, the Silver Stars are selling poinsettias, red floral plants that are popular holiday decorations. The poinsettias were sold for $15 and will be delivered to the buyers on November 29.  

I sold poinsettias by posting flyers on my instagram and emailing different businesses to see if they were interested in buying some for the holidays,” senior Alyssa Coltharp said. “My mom also posted an ad on our neighborhood site to get the word out to some more people.”

The Silver Stars are planning to compete while they are in Hawaii. They spend lots of time preparing to compete, with many practices before school. 

I am preparing for the trip to Hawaii by taking in all the corrections given by the directors and the officers to help me become a better dancer,” junior Cressida Rodriguez said. “I have also been working hard outside of practices by working out on my own time to be prepared to have a successful competition season during spring.”

Aside from competition, they are also looking forward to having lots of fun together and making new memories. The trip will give the team a chance to compete, as well as be a good bonding experience for the members of the team.

“I am looking forward to spending time with my team and I have never been to Hawaii before so it will be a lot of fun,” junior Katie Simons said. “I am also looking forward to performing there with the team.”

The Silver Stars sell poinsettias every year, however last year’s sales were different due to the online learning environment. 

“Last year there was an online order form but this year we aren’t doing that,” Coltharp said. “I think having the online form makes it easier for businesses and our neighbors to order because we don’t have to go pick the money up.”

The money that is earned from selling the poinsettias will go towards the Silver Star that sold the poinsettia. They advertised to friends, family, teachers, and businesses to sell the poinsettias. 

“I sold 114 poinsettias this year,” Simons said. “I sold them by going to my teachers and friends, as well as my mom posting a flyer on her social media, most of my sales came from family friends who bought a lot to support the team.”  

Silver Stars go on a team trip every other year but the officers will go on a trip the years that the team doesn’t. The Silver Stars knew that they were going on a trip this year, but the destination was a surprise until one morning during practice. 

We had a dress up day for practice that was Hawaiian themed and the directors played hula music during practice instead of our field music,” Coltharp said. “They yelled through their megaphones that we were going and everyone was super excited.”