Governor Abbott bans vaccine mandates


Lauren Bogard

Recently Greg Abbott declared the vaccines to be “too restrictive and harmful” to the recovering economy from COVID, leading him to ban vaccine mandates.

Lauren Bogard, Staff Writer

On October 11, 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared the vaccines to be “too restrictive and harmful” to the recovering economy from COVID. His belief of vaccine mandates being too controlling in the role of civilian matters has received a flurry of mixed responses.

Abbott’s new ban caused a clash with the Biden administration which, according to The Washington Post, recently updated the public about plans to require vaccines for employers in a 100 or more worker filled environment. However, any business related to the federal government must follow the mandates ordered by the White House.

“The real problem lies in the fact that individually not enough Americans are able to diagnose misinformation and understand scientific evidence to the level required to make the responsible decision to get vaccinated,” AP American Government & Politics teacher Dalton Pool said. “Until this happens, we run the risk of prolonging this pandemic.”

Many businesses are also facing increasing issues with this new ban. The ban affects safety precautions, and in turn the amount of business. Airlines are especially being affected as many people, closely packed together, are transported daily.

“Covid has severely harmed many businesses throughout the world. The best thing for most businesses is a world without Covid or the fear of Covid. So, anything that makes that reality less likely, would negatively affect most businesses in the long term,” Pool said. “It seems odd that a Republican governor who usually is ‘Pro-Business’ and advocates for limited government interference in business would take away a business’ autonomy in deciding about what they require from their employees and what is best for their business.”

Nursing Homes are also another great risk. According to the Texas Tribune, nursing homes in Texas are the most at risk involving the virus. As such the ban might make it harder to be fully safe during visitations, coordination, and overall daily activities.

“If you’re working with older people, and specifically people that have amino compromised systems, you should get the vaccine or just don’t work there because you’re putting other people’s lives in danger based on your own choices,” Chloe Wright said. “In the beginning of the pandemic, I remember seeing ambulances at all the [nursing homes]. And they were just dying because Covid and people being reckless. People need to start getting the vaccine or at least protect themselves more and if you’re not going to get it, don’t go somewhere.”
Schools haven’t yet had a large response to the new ban. However, San Antonio has specifically been told that they can’t mandate vaccines in their schooling environments by the Texas Supreme Court.
“Until the vast majority of people are vaccinated and Covid is under control there is a possibility school districts will have to continue restrictive safety measures and our return to ‘normal’ could be prolonged,” Pool said.
 The effect of the overall public and how this will affect Covid rates has yet to be fully determined. Citizens will continue to speak their beliefs on the matter of COVID safety precautions.
”The decision to ban vaccine mandates by the governor, in my mind, is a very politically motivated decision,” Pool said. “As far as harm to the public, the science is clear that getting as many people vaccinated is the best defense against Covid. While this order doesn’t prevent people from getting vaccinated it does make it less likely that those who still are not vaccinated will end up getting vaccinated in the near future.”