Mid-season Super Bowl contending teams

Sam Vane, Assistant Editor

The Lombardi Trophy, a shiny seven pound trophy that only the greatest can hold. 32 teams fight for it every year but only a couple good enough to hoist it at the end of the year

Justin Herbert, the MVP of the league thus far has led the Chargers to a 4-2 record, along with the best receiving pair in the NFL (Mike Williams and Keenan Allen) and this offense is giving the chiefs a run for their money for the best in the NFL. While the defense is not close to a Super Bowl caliber group, the offense is just so good for anyone to pass on them and a Bills vs Chargers AFC Championship could be in the works.

The Bills are the best team in the AFC this year as Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are continuing their tear from last season and dominating their competition and with running back tandem Zach Moss and Devin Singletary helping establish a powerful run game the Bills offense is in go mode and shows no sign of slowing down. As long as the defense continues to play great I wouldn’t be surprised if Buffalo finally gets the Super Bowl trophy they deserve.

How bout dem Cowboys. After an abysmal 2020 campaign filled with injuries, the Cowboys have come out firing to a 5-1 record putting them atop the NFC East.

After last year’s season-ending injury Dak Prescott has shown no sign of injury as he is top five in both completion percentage and passing touchdowns. Add in a hard-hitting defense and the Cowboys much to the dismay of all of America could be returning to their super bowl ways.

The Cardinals are flying high as 3rd-year quarterback Kyler Murray and star receiver Deandre Hopkins have led a high powered offense to a 7-0 record. This offense was expected to be great, but the defense has been the real shocker as they are 6th in interceptions and 5th in the least rushing yards allowed. If the Cardinals continue their stellar play then a deep playoff run could be in their cards.

In the early 2000s, the Rams had the greatest show on turf, with the turn of the decade it looks like the show is back in town. Led by the offseason acquisition of Matthew Stafford and the improved game of Cooper Kupp the Rams offense is rolling.

With the defense still dominating as they have been for the last couple of years with Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald and the Rams could follow in the footsteps of the greatest show on turf and bring the Lombardi trophy back to L.A.

The reigning super bowl champion Buccaneers have continued their run of dominance. Led by the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady and their dominant defense which ranks 1st in the least rushing yards allowed, 4th in interceptions, and 4th in the least rushing touchdowns allowed, and a repeat could ensue if they keep this up.