Electrical surge: Tesla factory relocation to Austin

Colin Barnes, Dispatch Reporter

Tesla is a tech giant responsible for the most popular electric vehicles on the market, and that giant is marching its way to Texas. Recently Tesla announced that they are planning to build the all-new cybertruck within a new factory just outside Austin.

Several months ago Tesla stated they would be moving their headquarters from Palo Alto California to Austin Texas alongside its announcement of the cybertruck factory moving to Texas as well.

“[The move was] likely due to the lower taxes and the car culture here in Texas,” junior Jake Reiman said.

Tesla will also be constructing their Cybertruck factory near the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport to allow for quick and easy shipping across the country.

“It will be the industry leader, once the population becomes more accustomed to [electric cars] in the future,” Reiman said.

Tesla stated earlier this year that the cybertruck will be built and shipped in a multi-million-dollar factory just outside the city. Many speculate that this will lead to a heavy influx of teslas on the streets and highways of Texas.

“I believe [electric cars] are the future,” Reiman said. “However, I can’t imagine an all-electric highway anytime soon.”

During a presentation at Tesla’s design studio in 2019, the cybertruck was unveiled and tested in front of a live audience showing its protective windows and its heavy-duty steel body. During the demonstration, the cybertruck took a full swing from a sledgehammer, in order to present its highly engineered stability.

“I want a rugged, yet environmentally-friendly truck and the cybertruck will fit the bill,” Tech Theater teacher Colton Perry said.

During the presentation in 2019, the cybertruck was also revealed to have solar panels capable of charging up an extra 15 miles worth of energy while on the move.

“I loved the fact that solar panels are a major aspect of the [cybertruck’s] design,” Perry said.“If anything, [solar panels] will bring the charging costs down.”

Several members of Tesla’s design team have come out saying that the cybertruck is still a work in progress. The official release date of 2023 has been thrown around but is not yet confirmed.

“Whether it takes six months or another two years, it’ll be worth the wait,” Perry said.