Improved athletics building provides a new student experience


Izzy Rejino

SET AND SPIKE: Freshman Grace Nesrsta jumps up to spike the ball. The Bowie Flex volleyball team, which consists of freshman and sophomore girls, lost to Akins 25-23.

Sydney Crum, Dispatch Reporter

Passed in 2017, the Austin ISD Bond Program has allowed Bowie to improve the current infrastructure and build new additions. This includes the construction of the parking garage, a new fine arts center, and the recently completed athletics facility. Some of the building’s features include a training room, weight room, and staff offices.

Bowie students and staff have been getting to use the facility for the first time this year. Head boy’s basketball coach, Celester Collier, is glad to finally be in the building and is thankful for many of the new features.

“The gym is awesome,” Collier said. “There’s a lot more room and a lot more storage than what we had in the old facility.”

There are multiple differences between the old facility and the new one. For example, Bowie coaches now have more closets that can be used to store their equipment. Coach Vickie Benson agrees with Collier that the additional space is one of the most useful aspects of the new facility.

“We have a lot more storage space,” Benson said. “That’s probably one of the biggest things for us. Having a place to keep our stuff and not have it all piled up in our office is actually really nice.”

There are also a lot of changes in the way things are set up and the size of the gym and staff offices. The offices are significantly larger than the old ones which Collier thinks is a positive change from the previous facility.

“The office space is nice. My office in the old gym was a utility closet,” Collier said. “I actually have a real office now with a window that overlooks the gym.”

Student athletes are also getting to experience the benefits of the new building. Senior Keira Rusinko has been using some of these new features like the weights and locker room.

“My favorite thing is the weight room which is larger and has air conditioning,” Rusinko said. “It’s also nice having the health classes be closer to the school than the portables.”

Benson agrees that the overall design and size of the facility is noticeable and something that students can appreciate.

“I think it’s really eye-catching,” Benson said. “It’s something new and something the students can feel proud of.”

Aside from the interior features, senior Maya Cottam believes that the experience playing volleyball in the new facility is positive.

“Because of it’s large size, the gym have a lot of room for spectators which brings more people come and support to bring the energy up and make the games fun,” Cottam said.

Overall, Collier considers the new facility a big improvement for the athletics department at Bowie.

“While I would like to see some things done a little differently, I’m blessed to have such a nice facility,” Collier said.