Faking Vaccinations


Alex Edwards

As a result of many events and organizations requiring a COVID vaccine, some individuals have taken it upon themselves to fake having been vaccinated.

Austin Ikard, Staff Writer

With increasingly common usage of fake vaccination cards and using them to their wielders’ advantage, it has become a significant issue. As for some organizations that require vaccination cards in order to participate in certain events, it has given people encouragement to fake vaccine records more often. From counterfeiting different doses and endangering people, it needs to come to an end and possibly these vaccine cards need to be created and treated like dollar bills.

More than 180 million Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have been given the white vaccination card. Having this card provides the ability to enter certain events that require said cards to enter. In order to prevent this, it is my belief that vaccine cards should have security fibers of some kind on the vaccine card similar to an American dollar bill.

Everyone knows that there are special blue and red fibers on USD that some cashiers or any other money receiver may check depending on the amount to make sure it is real. When you are given the vaccination card from the pharmacies they should be treated like a $100 bill that has security fibers on the vaccine card to prove its legitimacy. 

Many people obviously use fake vaccine cards and this seemingly easy way out can endanger the community as a whole. This is the primary reason the faking of vaccine cards is such a big deal and some serious changes need to be made to the manufacturing of these vaccine cards. Who knows if this would ever happen but It would definitely help keep people safe. 

Another proposal to guarantee approval into certain events is to have your vaccination card as well as your ID with you. The vaccine card will have a photo of yourself to match the ID, your dates of inoculation, and the security fibers . This will require these vaccine cards to be custom-made immediately after the vaccine is given or mailed if the pharmacies need extra time to process the cards.

Having these ways of identification will “hopefully” guarantee that the vaccine card is yours and not a fake one. The whole situation with fake IDs as well as fake vaccination cards is something that is hard to get around for security officials. It does not really make sense that if you are refusing to get vaccinated why would you want to falsely identify your vaccination, just don’t go to places that require them.

Finally, if we all take these precautions and start to distribute these more reliable and trustworthy vaccination cards it will surely keep more people safe and make the whole situation a lot less stressful for everyone.