Senior Goodbye: Cade Spencer


Cade Spencer, Editor-in-Chief

As I reflect on my past four years at Bowie, I am filled with a significant sense of joy, excitement, and gratitude. My high school career has truly been a time of substantial personal growth, and I am proud of the individual I have become. Within my high school experience, my work with The Dispatch stands as the most formative facet of my high school foundation. In the following letter, I aspire to reflect on the growth I underwent via The Dispatch, and the people that made it all possible. 

To Michael Reeves: Michael Reeves is the advisor of The Dispatch, and he has been a teacher of mine for four years. When my high school experience is viewed as a whole, I perceive Reeves as the most influential adult mentor in my early education. As a journalist, Reeves has instilled within me an understanding of the importance of journalistic autonomy, the power of student voices, and the impact of words. As a leader, Reeves has fostered my development as a kind, compassionate, and assertive leader of diverse, talented teams. Thus, Reeves has enabled the development of the confidence, strength, and wisdom that are crucial to the individual and leader I am today, and for his role in my personal journey, I will be forever grateful.

To Faith Lawrence: Since sophomore year, it has been an absolute pleasure and honor to work alongside Faith as a page editor, then managing editor, and finally, editor-in-chief. In addition to our power as a dynamic newspaper-duo, Faith has grown to be one of my closest friends. Within the newspaper, Faith has fostered my creativity and diversity in design, expanded my curiosity, and improved my writing and thought organization. As a friend, Faith has demonstrated to me the power of compassion, the joy of individual expression, and the strength of a determined individual. Overall, Faith has contributed significantly to the Bowie campus, The Dispatch, and my own personal story of growth, and for her encouragement and support, I shall always have gratitude.

To Rae Gray: Since freshman year, Rae and I have been close friends and newspaper peers. From day one, Rae has consistently portrayed to me the power of creativity and the beauty of individual expression. Throughout high school, Rae’s energetic and warm personality made me laugh, inspired me, and encouraged me to be joyous. I am so grateful for Rae’s friendship and the encouragement and support she has and continues to grant to me. 

To the Staff: As a whole, The members of The Dispatch staff have all played crucial roles in my personal growth. I am thankful for my peers who have stood alongside me, desired to be powerful student journalists, and worked every day to contribute to our campus community.

To The Dispatch: In my four years at Bowie, The Dispatch was my home. Within the colorful newspaper room, I felt joy, explored my intellectual curiosities, and expanded upon my passion for writing- a passion I hope to elaborate on in college. The Dispatch has taught me the strength of community, the necessity for ethical information, and the strength of knowledge. For any current or future Bowie students that read this letter, I strongly recommend you join The Dispatch staff. From the moment you join staff to the moment you leave, you will grow as a journalist, friend, individual, and leader.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021! 


Cade Spencer