Senior Goodbye: Amorah Schultze


Amorah Schultze, Graphic Editor

Four short years ago, I never imagined I’d actually be graduating and on my way to the daunting, exciting, terrifying reality that is university. I mean, I dreamed about college enough — but in a distant, abstract sort of bliss, never to be actualized.

Now, I’m here. It’s still something that amazes me everyday; I’m finally, actually graduating. My time in high school has condensed into a rollercoaster of emotions and excitement and stress. I don’t think I’ll ever have quite the same feelings as I do right now. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’ll just make my memories of this time all the more precious.

To My Mom – Mom, you’re such an amazing and wonderful person. Behind every accomplishment, you were there, silently supporting me on the sidelines. I wouldn’t be here with all my achievements without you. Your unconditional love is invaluable, so even though I’ll be going to college this coming year and leaving the nest, I’ll always be proud that you’re my mother. You’re who I turn to in my moments of need and my moments of joy, and I hope it can remain that way for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything you do for me, I love you.

To My Dad – What can I say to my dad? Easy-going, lively, and always one to help me destress after a long day, you’re who I turn to when I need a laugh. If I’m ever spiraling or on the verge of a university-induced psychosis, I can always depend on you to calm me down with your silly dad jokes. Even though I’m an adult now, I always feel safe when you’re around. You’re a kind, intelligent, knowledgable person who - in spite of the eclectic music that comes with your company - I’ll always be grateful to spend my time with. Rest assured, I’ll always be your little girl, even if I’m off to college and living out the rest of my life. I love you so much!

To My Brothers – You better enjoy the extra room now that I’m gone. Turn it into Ally’s pad. Fortunately for you, you’re finally free of me. Unfortunately, I’ll always be around to embarass you. Who knows, maybe a little distance will be good for our relationship. I might even mature a bit in college, although no promises. Love you guys.

To My Friends – Hey guys. To all my friends who somehow broke through my chronic silence. We’ll be taking different paths from here on out, but I want you to know I’ve valued every minute of our time together. Whether it be last-minute cramming at Starbucks, chatting up a storm in class (much to the teacher’s chagrin), or rambling about nothing during lunch, it’s been a joy from start to finish. I’ll miss you guys, but I know you’ll absolutely flourish in college, and we can look back on our time together with fondness. Your impact on my life could never be understated, even thirty years from now. Love y’all!

To Isabelle – Hey, love. Although we’ve barely seen each other in the past year, you’ve been such an amazing friend! Honestly, I chose the second seat in Mr. Meitz’s class because it was the path of least resistance (as in, I barely had to walk to reach my destination). I never knew I’d meet someone so amazing and funny and talkative, even though you don’t look it. We shared so many memories, the good and bad, and you’re such an angel for letting me talk your ear off in good humor. I could’ve never anticipated your wit and mutual amicability, and I’ve loved your company so much. In spite of how little work we got done in his class - I really hope he didn’t hate us! You’re such an amazing person, and good luck in college!

To My Teachers – Thanks to my teachers for enabling my success these past few years. You’re not appreciated enough for how much you do for students, whether it be academically or emotionally. I can’t imagine how hard this past year has been, so I just want you to know that I owe most of my success to your amazing teaching. Thank you for all the work you put into helping us learn and allowing us to even make it into college!

To the English and History Department – I’ve already spoken at length about my favorite teachers, and I hope you appreciate the letters and goodies I sent! But for everyone in these departments, I want to thank you for igniting my curiosity and joy for learning. These are the departments I chose because I enjoy them the most, and put in the most work to excel at them. But I want to thank you for being wonderful teachers who can make any school work fun!

To Mr. Reeves – You’re such a dedicated, passionate, and excellent teacher. You pushed all of us Newspaper staff to excel and transformed the Newspaper from an obligation to a passion project collectively for the students. The amount of coordination and teamwork we accomplish is thanks to your guidance, and it shows in every medal or placing we get. I wish the Newspaper great success in the future, and I know you’ll continue to improve on the content and student passion that they produce.

To Dispatch Staff – You guys are so amazing, kind, and hardworking. I can’t even believe the amount of work everyone put in, the Patel sisters, Faith, and Cade in particular, to make this year’s Newspaper a success. You motivate all of us to do our best, and challenge us to improve on what we’ve done.

Azul – Azul, this is really our official goodbye. I’m graduating, and you’ll definitely be graduating top of your class next year. I know you’ll accomplish great things, with your dedication, discipline, and unabashed ability to ask for help as it’s needed. I’m not worried about you at all - on the contrary, actually, because I don’t know what I’ll do without you there to direct me on our math homework. Your motivation to do well baffles as well as inspires me, and I hope that I can reach your level of confidence someday. Good luck next year, and enjoy your senior year. You’re finally going to reap the reward of all your years of hard work. Just don’t give yourself an ulcer before you can give a speech as valedictorian!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, yet I don’t want it to end. It’s a revelation each day that I’m actually graduating - I actually made it. Every person who’s helped and befriended and put up with me has contributed to my graduating, and, with the best of luck, the only thing I can say is au revoir!