Senior Goodbye: Abbey Repka


Abbey Repka, Entertainment Editor

From the second I walked through the front doors freshman year, I couldn’t wait to graduate and leave. Now I’m sitting here and writing this with graduation just around the corner and I want nothing less than to just stay and turn back time. It’s so surreal to me how in a blink of an eye, the last four years went by. I have made tons of memories at Bowie and I am very grateful for everything.

To my family – Thank you for always giving me unconditional love and for always supporting me and my endeavors. To my Mom – Thanks for being my best friend and for always believing in me. I’m going to deeply miss our rides in the Jeep and gossiping about other parents at the fields. Anytime you want to try a new restaurant or new foods that Piper and Dad won’t like, just give me a call and I’ll drive up in a heartbeat. To my Dad – Thanks for always helping me achieve my goals and for always keeping me entertained with your jokes. Also, as annoyed as I got with all your lectures I know they were helpful and I will miss them in the future. To Piper – Thanks for being the best sister I could have ever asked for. Although we disagree a lot, I know I can always count on you to be there for me. Keep doing great things and keep working hard to achieve all your dreams.

To my best friend Ava – Good luck next year, I know you’ll do great things as a senior. Thank you for always going on adventures with me and being dumb with me. I’m going to miss you very much next year but luckily we won’t be that far away from each other and you will always be welcome to come visit me. I can’t believe we’ve been friends for 12 years now and how many memories we’ve made. From running around with the toads (R.I.P. Rocky, CeCe, Croak a Cola, and FeFe) to spending every afternoon on Minecraft and recording videos with our Littlest Pet Shops, you have always been my best friend and I have never once doubted that (except for the one afternoon where we hated each other). Thank you for always being there for me.

To Ms. Davis – Thank you for always having such a positive and fun environment in your classroom and for always believing in me. To Mr. Rodriguez – Thanks for always being one of the best teachers and for letting Natalia, Victoria, and I sit in your classroom during FIT even when you didn’t want us there. To Ms. Langdon – Thanks for having such a fun class and for being such a caring person. Also thank you for sparking my interest in nutrition. 

To Mr. Reeves – I joined journalism freshman year because it was the only class that sounded somewhat interesting. Now, newspaper will definitely be the thing I miss most about high school. Room F203 quickly became a place where I could go to relax and escape. From the lollipop jar to the Saturday workdays, I have made so many memories in that room and I am grateful for everything you do. Thank you for always challenging us and for believing in us. 

To the Dispatch Staff – I have made so many friendships over the last three years from being on staff. I am going to miss all the class-wide discussions that included people shouting across the room to each other and all the class-wide karaoke. Thank you all for always working hard and for being some of the most entertaining people I have ever met.