Friday Night Funkin

Max Muzny, Reporter

Friday Night Funkin is a free to play rhythm game where the player controls Boyfriend with the arrow keys. The entire game is basically a series of extremely catchy rap battles where Boyfriend tries to impress Girlfriend who always sits on top of her massive stereo. Despite seeming relatively straight forward, the Friday Night Funkin is a really enjoyable game that can captivate someone for hours at a time.


The game’s amazing soundtrack is quite diverse while retaining a consistent punk vibe throughout it. When it comes to video games, one of the most well received aspects of them across the board is usually the music. It’s no surprise then that Friday Night Funkin being centralized around its music tremendously enhances the experience. Having the visual cues of the game sync with the audio of the music makes playing the game so much more immersive. 


Additionally, the game includes a wide variety of characters that really add personality and diversity to the game. The motivation for Boyfriend to impress Girlfriend is a really wholesome detail that basically governors the entirety of the game. Boyfriend has to rap against Girlfriend’s parents to try to prove himself that he’s worthy of their daughter. Multiple characters including Pico and Tankman are guest characters that pay homage to Newgrounds, the platform that hosts the game. There’s even a lemon demon who sings about some pretty messed up stuff. Even if there are a lot of characters in one game, Friday Night Funkin not only makes it work, but does so exceptionally well.


However, the most enjoyable aspect of the game by far has to be the ginormous number of mods the community has made for the game. The game can only have so much content on its own, so fans have made hundreds of unique, and often original, soundtracks to keep the game feeling constantly fresh while often adding new difficulty. Not only is there an unbelievable diversity among the mods, but several of them have their own engaging story to go along with it. The devotion to some of these mods is so intense that some people have fully animated cutscenes and superb voice acting. It’s incredible how beneficial the community has been for the game.


In conclusion, Friday Night Funkin is a wonderful audio sensation with a great selection of songs and styles to pick from. The mods have only driven the game further, so far that the developers were able to raise over two million dollars to kickstart a full version of the game. With how enjoyable a simple rhythm game can be, it truly is unsurprising that this game can demonstrate the pleasure of funkin on a Friday night.