Senior Goodbye 2021

Each graduating senior has written a farewell letter to their peers, family, and all those who helped them throughout the years. Below is a list of our graduating staffers paired with their job title from this year. Each has a link to their goodbye letter, we urge you to read them and get a deeper understanding of their hard work and dedication these four years. All of their work is also on our website, feel free to dive into their accomplishments.

Abbey Repka, Entertainment Editor

Amanda Zinni, Copy Editor

Amorah Schultze, Graphics Editor

Cade Spencer, Editor-in-Chief

Callie Payne, Entertainment Editor

Carter Scruggs, Reporter

Faith Lawrence, Editor-in-Chief

Lucciana Choueiry, Reporter

Luke Smith, Reporter

Maya Amador, Commentary Editor

Mia Folkers, Feature Editor

Miranda Cardenas, Feature Editor

Naya Tillisch, Sports Editor

Rae Gray, Managing Editor

Shikha Patel, Online Editor-in-Chief

Shruti Patel, Online Editor-in-Chief