Prepare and plan to avoid panic


SMILES AND SOONERS: Senior Brooke Druebert poses for a picture as she visits the college she will be attending this fall. Druebert will be living in one of the three towers located on campus. PHOTO COURTESY OF Brooke Druebert

Callie Payne, Pop Culture Editor

Seniors confused on what to do once accepting admissions offer from college

Excruciating anxiety, endless worries, and excitement flow through the mind of a student about to apply to college. Luckily, the time has come where this is over and many seniors have begun to hear back from their colleges and make their final decisions.

Once seniors have accepted admissions to a college, it may be confusing on what the next steps are or even mentally exhausting preparing for such a big change.

“I am really excited but at the same time extremely nervous about going to college,” senior Brooke Druebert said. “Everyone always says college is one of the best times of your life but I am still sad that I am going to be leaving both my friends and family. However, I love being independent and meeting new people so that really excites me.”

Even though going to a new school and starting a new chapter in life can be terrifying at times, making a plan of what should be done next can be very helpful.

“Get involved, this is especially important if you will be attending a school that’s hundreds of miles away from your family, friends, and familiar surroundings,” college and career counselor Carli Valverde said. “Getting involved in campus organizations or activities will help you make friends and meet campus staff which will help with the adjustment transition to a new school. As long as you’re going through the steps above and making an effort to meet new people on campus, you will be more familiar with campus and resources that are available to you to help your new transition to school.”

Erin Rannefeld who is a Bowie High School alumni is currently going to the University of Texas at San Antonio but is transferring to go to the University of Texas at Austin this fall.

“One thing about college that nobody told me is that to really have a good experience, you need to put yourself out there,” Rannefeld said. “I think a lot of people go into college expecting to magically make all these friends but if you don’t put in the effort to meet people and put yourself out there you’re not going to have the experience you want.”
According to College Raptor, it is extremely important to visit the campus once students have been admitted. This might sound strange but this second visit is able to provide a completely different perspective than the first time visiting.

“I am super excited to go to the University of Oklahoma this fall,” senior Brooke Druebert said. “I am actually going to visit the OU campus over spring break to see more of the city and to talk to the nursing school.”
Some important and necessary things to do once a student has accepted a school’s offer of admissions is to complete FAFSA, housing, financial aid paperwork (if applicable), make sure they have all necessary immunizations, sign up for orientation, and make sure you meet the requirements for the TSI.

“I have absolutely loved my college experience so far, I’ve been able to meet a ton of really cool people and take part in a lot of really fun activities through the organizations I’m involved in,” Rannefeld said. “Once you decide where you want to go and do all the things the school requires, it is way less stressful and easier to enjoy life around you. I just recommend enjoying the time you have now and looking forward to how awesome of a time you will have in the fall.”