Germany to U.S: Prom tradition


Leo Gerd-Witte, Sophia Rockitt, Toey Trakanwiradet, Hinata Kanno, Luise Hackmann (named lef to right) attended the prom tradition last week. A new experience for Hackmann as she is a foreign exchange student from Germany.

Luise Hackmann, Reporter

When I started thinking about doing an exchange year in the US, I was looking forward to all the traditional high school events. I heard a lot about Prom and always wanted to attend it.

With Covid-19 this year I wasn’t really thinking about it. I was really happy and excited when they told me that they scheduled Prom and exchange students would be allowed to go.

Together with my host family and a friend I went to the mall to buy a dress, shoes and some accessories. It was a lot of fun to try on everything and to see all the different dresses.

On Prom day we got ready together and took many pictures. After that I met with a few other exchange students from different countries to take some pictures together and to eat some dinner. We talked a lot and also learned some typical line dances.

The actual prom dance was at Austin Renaissance Hotel, which is a huge and really pretty hotel. We danced a lot and I also saw a few other people I’ve met during the year and of course met new people too. It was great! I had so much fun.

In Germany we have something similar for the seniors, but it is not as big as here. Now I am looking forward to attending it. But I will always remember my first and last prom at an American high school.