Varsity lacrosse team hosts its first annual alumni game



PUSHING AND SHOVING: Junior player Walker Demedeiros (left) battles an alumni player during the game to score. The alumni players had an advantage in the game because most of them had previous coaching experieince.

Riley Payne, Reporter

In a game pitting old versus young, lacrosse players collide with former teammates defending the net during the competitive first year alumni game. The boys’ lacrosse team hosted an alumni game on January 23. The game consisted of former and current lacrosse players competing on the same field, and there was competition between them.

“It was fun to play in, because some of the players you used to play with are now on the opposite side,” senior player Caden Cooper said. “Since they graduated, it’s thrilling to see them on the field again and try to claim bragging rights.”

Junior Sokol Evans is a current player on the team and played in the alumni game during his first year on the team.

“Playing in the game was very difficult, because the alumni team was a lot older and had more experience,” Evans said. “I had a lot of fun playing and seeing former teammates come out though.”

Although this is the first year for the alumni game, the lacrosse team has been a fixture at the school for 29 years.

“I like seeing the old guys come out and play,” Cooper said. “It’s pretty fun to watch them play since a lot of the older players are out of shape.”

BLOCKED OFF: Varsity player Jax Caddel blocks an alumni player from
scoring a goal. The final score of the game was 9-7 favoring the alumni. (PHOTO COURTESY OF David Wang)

Head varsity coach James Burleson-Porras is in his first year of coaching at Bowie, so it was also his first alumni game.

“Watching the boys and men compete out on the field made me smile,” Burleson-Porras said. “I really feel that we are building something special here.”

The future of the alumni game and its continuation for the team hasn’t been decided yet by the lacrosse board members.

“I think the game should definitely continue to be played in the future,” Evans said. “It was very interesting to see how our current team could hold up against all the old players.”

Alumni and former lacrosse team coach Auggie Buerkle was in attendance this January.

“I coached back in 2016, so all of the players I had the chance to coach would now be on my team,” Buerkle said.”It was nice to see a few old faces on my team.”

When playing the game, the age gap between former and current players is larger than what would take place in a regular game.

“If I could give any advice to the current players it would be to play other sports, focus on improving your fundamentals and always remember to believe in yourself,”

Buerkle said. “It’s also really fun watching the younger guys work together.”

Since the lacrosse team has been playing for decades, there are successful former players that also have some coaching experience to help them out in the game.

“The real highlight from the game was at certain points, I wit nessed the alumnis coaching the varsity players from the field,” Burleson-Porras said. “That impressed me and spoke volumes about what the program means to them.”

Although the alumni game was competitive, the former players have the support and best interests in mind of the current varsity players.

“I think the current players recognized that they have the support of the alumnis, and that the alumnis care about their success,”

Burleson-Porras said. “Plus, it was fun to knock around some softer bodies.”