Plans for spring break

Lucciana Choueiry , Reporter

This year has been unlike any other regarding school, work, and other day-to-day activities that were stripped from us by the virus. That also goes for the holidays that completely changed over the course of the last few months, not allowing families to get together and celebrate. However, with the advances made with the vaccination and how the pandemic became everyone’s new norm, it was easier for people to start living life again specifically during spring break.


During the week-long vacation we had, sophomore Emma Jones along with her family visited a bunch of states in the US, whilst still taking protective measures. They began their expedition in New York where not only did they get to visit significant sites such as Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, but they took it upon themselves to take a  hiking trail to Niagara Falls. 


“It was a long three hour hike starting at Whirlpool State Park, but was definitely worth every minute. We were on our own hiking trail without any other tourists which was very convenient in terms of safety. The scenery all throughout -the hike- was breathtaking and was well needed after a year of staying at home,” Jones said. 


After having spent a few days exploring New York, Jones and her family set on their next adventure to Los Angeles, California. This destination was the one Emma was anticipating the most because she had lived outside the US her whole life and LA was her top choice from everything she’s seen in the movies. 


“Seeing the city from my airplane window was so exciting, I had always dreamed of coming to this city specifically to have my picture taken in front of the Hollywood sign,” Jones said. 


She got to take the picture she wanted, even if it was with a mask on, and also got to do a lot of shopping around the city. The lights and movie posters were so inspiring for her as well because she was in the process of building up her dream to become a future actress. The Jones’ trip ended in San Antonio, Texas which was a perfect way to end the adventure-filled vacation.


“We visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum which taught me a lot about the life of the people who struggled during that time and it was very eye-opening to how different yet similar history is to the present,” Jones said. 


Emma’s trip was one to remember, especially since it was only her first year living in the US, she was grateful to be able to tour the country and visit the places she’s always dreamed of.