Attack on Titan new season

Aired on Monday, Dec. 7th, episode one of season four of Attack on Titan dived straight into Marley and the young warriors of the nation.

Isabella del Nido

Aired on Monday, Dec. 7th, episode one of season four of Attack on Titan dived straight into Marley and the young warriors of the nation.

Donna Kim, Reporter

Hajime Isayama, the creator of one of the most famous animes of all time, is truly a genius. At the end of season three of Attack of Titan, fans were eager about what season four would hold, especially after finding out that there was civilization outside the walls of Paradis Island, and that many nations were against the people of the island because they were seen as devils.

Aired on Monday, Dec. 7th, episode one of season four of Attack on Titan dived straight into Marley and the young warriors of the nation. To recap, Marley is a nation that is located outside of Paradis Island, and where Eldians live in internment zones and the Marleyans live in luxury and comfort. Eldians are hated by Marleyans, and they are treated very poorly and with no respect. Eldians are required to wear white, yellow, or red-colored wristbands. White wristbands are designated for regular Eldian citizens, yellow for Eldians in the Warrior program, and red for honorary Eldians who have dedicated their lives fighting for the nation of Marley. The Warrior program is a program in Marley that lets Eldians as young as five volunteer to fight in Marley’s wars and let them inherit titan power, since Eldians are the only ones in the world who can turn into titans. The main characters of Marley that are also introduced as warriors are Gabi, Falco, Zofia, and Udo. The first episode starts off with the four of them in battle with an enemy nation of Marley, most likely a nation from the Middle East. Gabi manages to throw a bomb onto an armored train belonging to the other nation, thus ending the battle. 

The first few episodes of season four follow the people of Marley, and what has been happening to them four years after failing to claim the Founding Titan from Paradis Island. We see that Reiner has had a hard time adjusting to his regular life in Marley, and often thinks about ending his life after his failed mission, seeing his two friends get captured, and one of them being eaten. The four kids, especially Falco and Gabi, enjoy being warrior candidates and fighting for Marley, although they are ultimately being brainwashed by their patriotic nation. Gabi is portrayed as a headstrong and extremely brave warrior, while Falco is wearier and drawn back. Both are rivals to inherit the next Armoured Titan. 

A lot of Attack on Titan fans were not happy about the first few episodes of the show, as it focused on the people of Marley and its government. The entirety of the Scouts did not appear in the show until episode six when Eren was united with his team to fight the War Hammer Titan. Even then, I still really enjoyed the beginning of season four, as it gave insight on how people in Marley lived and gave the audience a chance to get attached to the Marleyans and Eldians living in Marley. Although Gabi may be hated throughout the Attack on Titan fan base because of killing the beloved Sasha Braun, I like how she is a direct parallel to Eren’s character.

Personally, I enjoyed part one of season four. I love the new Marleyan characters, especially Falco, as I sympathize with him a lot. He knows between what is evil and what is right, and only wants what is best for him and his friends. He and Gabi are complete opposites, but are still the closest of friends and have their comedic moments. Eren has become somewhat emotionless and more aggressive, and I love what his character development has become. As for the negatives, there really isn’t a lot. Attack on Titan is always a well-thought-out show, and there aren’t many flaws in the show to me. The only moment I questioned was when Eren fought the new War Hammer Titan and how he instantly won. I really wanted to see more of the War Hammer Titan, and it’s a shame that she was only in two episodes.

With the last episode of part two of season four airing on Wednesday, Mar. 28th,  Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association (MAPPA), announced that part two of season four would come out in winter, presumably late December or early January. Fans speculate that part two will have around 12 or 16 episodes, and hopefully even more. MAPPA deserves a break after working so hard on season four of Attack on Titan while also animating other shows, that I cannot wait to see how part two turns out and what is in store for all the characters.